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*The Makeup Tales is a friendly blog which receives product samples (makeup and beauty) for reviews.
*Please note that The Makeup Tales reviews are honest and genuine as we have a duty to always tell the truths, positive or negative to our readers.
* Also note that, insulting, insensitive and derogatory words would never be used to describe your products as we believe in constructive criticism. No product is perfect!
*Most products have pros and cons, and might not be universally acceptable to everyone. We try to always try to point out such subtleties to help our readers make the best possible purchase decisions. We would never personally endorse a product that hasn't been personally tried by the author of this blog
*We do not accept money or rewards for reviews. this ensures we have the freedom to express our genuine opinions about the product
*Reviews would be published within 30 days of receipt of samples.
*TheMakeupTales reserves the right NOT to publish a review.Should a situation like this arise, you will be contacted and advised on the reasons for the decision.. (E.g if we have an overall negative experience with the product)