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Hi guys!
hope you had a fab Valentine's day yesterday!
So I'll be reviewing some new products from Bolwin Cosmetics. I did a 'meet the brand' post on them about 2 or 3 years ago, you can check it out HERE

So I was sent their new liquid lipsticks, setting powder, eyelashes and highlighter. Let's check them out!

These are regular human hair eyelashes. I received these two styles. They were quite comfortable to wear and lightweight.


The shade of this powder is definitely not my shade, so it was the last thing I tried out. I figured I could use it to set my udder eye highlight which I tried, but that didn't work out too well.
Asides from that, the texture is really smooth and velvety. I wish I could have tried in my shade.


So i got this highlighter as well, the shade is Golden Glow. It is a really pretty light champagne color.

I was quite surprised at how well it blended into the skin. It blended really well and softly, and it didn't have any huge chunks or particles. You will definitely be seeing more of this in subsequent tutorials


Bolwin got me with these colors. My go to lip colors are red, nude and purple... so I was quite glad i got these two shades!
I will not lie to you guys, I was PLEASANTLY surprised by the quality of these babes and how they applied. I have tried a LOT of liquid lipsticks and the truth is I have kinda lowered my expectations, so I don't get frustrated. I had lowered my expectations, but these are good. They applied really well

Red: VAMP, purple: RIVAL

Simple black tube, I think the packaging could be better, honestly.

The liquid lipsticks are fairly pigmented, though one might need more than a coat for a very opaque result.

These are liquidy in texture 
They are quite matte, no shine whatsoever but extremely lightweight, comfortable and not drying. Again I was surprised

They applied smoothly. The red shade applied the best. The purple shade had some difficulties along the way, and it applied just ok...and not not smoothly like the RED shade.

Jesus take the wheel! Especially Vamp! You can get up to 6 hours of wear without any fading. Trust me!

All in all, the lipsticks are really good. The only thing I don't like is the packaging. Like I said earlier it can be better. I like all the products, (well, except the powder, which I really couldn't try as I would have wanted to because of the shade) and I think Bolwin did a good job!

I hope to have these products in a look soon, so be sure to check back guys!

Whatchya think?? Used any? Would you try any of them. Let me know in the comment box below!

Next up is another makeup look and tutorial! 
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Till later guys!

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