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 Hi guys!
How is it going?
I haven't done a makeup look or video since Valentine's so I wanted to check in with you guys!

 I haven't been feeling too well, physically and emotionally. The space my head has been in, has been quite a tired and uncomfortable space, but I am sure you guys get it.
There are times you just feel burnt out, with nothing left to give.
So I just took some time for myself, to regroup.
I did this makeup look on a whim, I just wanted to do a quick glam and take pictures to make me feel better!
Annnd the quickest way for me to feel pretty is a nude beat, there is something about it!

More pictures after the cut!

I used the Taos Metallic lippie in Under the mistletoe. (see review HERE). It has quickly become a fav of mine for a nude beat!  I added a bit of highlighter on it for an ombre effect!

You know what is better than a nude lip for a nude beat? A GLOSSY nude lip, lol! So I whipped out my Jouer Lip Topper in Tan Lines . You guys! you need this!! I swear! Get it HERE )

The lashes I have on here are Pearl Luxury Lashes in Uptown girl. I have run out of my 5 pack. one would think I eat lashes as food! Get it HERE

What do you guys think? Is Nude beat  BAE or what??
Let me know what you guys do to get out of a down-time!
I have a mini pictorial on this look on my Instagram...check HERE 

Next up is another Monday chitchat post, makeup look and tutorial! 
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I love you guys for stopping by!
Till  later,

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  1. I understand your point but as Nigerians now, nothing can destroy us cos we're too strong. Love you and your work maami


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