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Sooo I have a review here, of a Nigerian brand, you know i get when it is an indigenous brand... woohoooo!!

So I was contacted by UBERCHIC VILLE, to try out some of their products. I had never heard of them prior to this, and I immediately went to check out their website and was quite impressed. When I got the package the first thing that jumped out to me was the packaging! So gorge! Absolutely refreshing. I am sorta tired of the same old black packaging!
Let's get down to the nittygritty!

So I received two pressed glitters, 2 loose glitters and 1 pair of false eyelashes


I received the shades Iyalode and Chocolate fever (L-R)
these glitters need NO adhesive and they stay right on. They are really sparkly which I love! They are best applied with the fingers tho. 
swatches of uberchicville pressed gliitters


Also got two shades, Dark Knight and Irawo (L-R)
Do you see the sparkle? Do you! Gorge. Irawo is a light gold while Dark Knight is a holographic shade, i.e it reflects different colors depending on light. Really pretty and the particles are also fine. No chunk!


Unfortunately I lost my own picture of this lashes so I had to use a stock photo from UberChic's website. I really do love this. they are mink and so wispy. i used them in my upcoming tutorial (will be up on Friday), you will see it better then!

All in all, i am quite impressed with UberChicVille. The products are nicely packaged and the quality is quite topnotch. My fav out of the bunch will be the eyelashes and the pressed glitters since they are not messy at all! 

Check out UberChicVille HERE and HERE
What do you guys think?
Buy and support NIGERIAN brands!!

Makeup tutorial for this week will be up on Friday!
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