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Hi guys!
So I decided to do a chitchat series which will be running every Monday!
 So if you suffer from Monday Blues, you can always head over here for a little chat to engage you and maybe make you laugh!

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So I will be ranting chatting about how, we the dark skin species are in the danger of going extinct.
Look to your left, do you see a dark person? Look to your right, do you see a dark person?
No? I do not either. Let me tell you why..

So I do not have any issues with anyone changing their skin color to whatever they want, be it by "toning", bleaching, witchcraft or bobrisking. At the end of the day, it is not my body, I have not walked in their shoes to know why their natural skin color might be a burden. And I kind of have my own personal problems, like waiting for oyinbo people to invent something that, when you like a food post on Instagram, the food will just appear in front of you in real life! That one is still unsolved and bothering me. So for me, it is "to each is own". E no consign me

What actually concerns me is those that do not want to bleach, but want to be lighter by using  foundation 3 shades lighter than their skin color.

So let me give you guys an example.

DISCLAIMER: This is fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

I walk into a client's house to do makeup.
I spot the client, yes!! She is a dead on MARYKAY 607. A little highlighting here and there will make her face brighter. I am happy i don't have to mix and match and do rocket science to figure out her color.
I set to work.
I do her brows and she checks the mirror immediately. she smiles. she obviously seems more relaxed.
Then I bring out the foundation to begin, and she is like

I clearly don't understand why she is confused, so I ask what the problem is
she looks at me like I have no sense and she shrieks " THAT IS NOT MY COLOR!! IT IS TOO DARK!"
I look at her skin and the foundation I had brought out and it was my turn to be confused.

I ask her what she normally uses and she says  MaryKay 500 mixed with 507
I am shocked

I am like

that's funny but NO! You can't use that color! This is what you would look like

But she doesn't care. she insists. And she says if I cannot use that color I can pack up my bag ( plus my huge chair, fuel that I have used, time, stress etc) and gedout! GEDOUT!

And I am like

My God what have i gotten myself into this early morning?!
I contemplate on doing it, to get my money and indeed gedout, but experience has taught me that some clients are not for you.
So I indeed pack my bags and I'm like

She is surprised that i am actually leaving. She starts to talk about how unprofessional I am blahblah.
I am like..watevs

I try explaining that i will not partake in faux bleaching that i am a makeup artist not a painter.

She is shocked

I give her a final goodbye

and that was that!!

SIGH!! Things happen!
What do you guys think?!
Has this ever happened to you or not?
Have you ever been or are the client who wants to go 116 shades lighter than their skin color?!!
please let me know in the comment box below! Let's talk!

if you want to see chatty posts like this EVERY Monday please let me know!!!

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till later guys

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  1. glitterbaby23 January, 2017

    the pictures had me dead! lol!
    yes we want more chitchats!!

  2. Hahahahahahahhaha that was really funny

  3. It is true a lot of people don't like using their color.

  4. Absolutely hilarious...more chitchats please


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