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So today I have a review of these babes sent to me by Prestige cosmetics. Prestige cosmetics is a U.S based brand and has a major outlet in Nigeria, via Taries Beauty
they are the sole retailers and brains behind Prestige Nigeria.
so they just launched their new total lip intensity lip graffiti and I'll be sharing my thought and swatches of them with you!

So this is what Prestige cosmetics say about these babes

"Ultra lightweight lip lacquer that glides on smoothly and evenly
Cutting-edge high pigment technology. Long wear. Comfortable and smooth application
Full coverage in a single stroke. Moist-Flex color technology"

When I got this initially I didn't know there were liquid lipsticks, I thought they were the regular lipsticks. The shape and packaging is quite different from the other liquid lipsticks which I like

I got two shades, Tagger and Old School

And I also received this lipliner as well



OK on to the nitty gritty

Like i said earlier, I love how these are different from the regular shape. They are so cute!

These babes are really INTENSE. Prestige didn't lie about that! One swipe and you have an opaque application

They are really creamy which I love, They are not liquidy or pasty. They dry matte, but not totally matte. They are drier than a semi-matte texture but not as dry as the really matte liquid lipsticks. They are extremely comfortable on the lips. they don't give you that drying squeezy feeling most liquid lipsticks give after applying. I really like the formula of these. It takes a while to dry though, which could be frustrating but the upside is you can correct mistakes and blend well before it dries.  Think about a better NYX soft matte lip cream. 

Old school applied really well. Went really smoothly and it just covered the lips really beautifully, no patching up. Layering was also easy.
I had a harder time with tagger ( pink shades don't like me, ha!). it applied like a dream at first, but layering was a mess as it started patching up on me. I got really frustrated.

These do not last as long as the very matte liquid lipsticks, and they do transfer a bit as well. If you drink from a glass, expect to see the lipstick stains on them. I guess because they are not as dry as the regular liquid lipsticks

All in all, I really like these, especially for my dry lips.  The shades are so gorgeous! if you are not a fan of the drying squeezy and uncomfortable feeling you get from most liquid lipsticks, you should try these out. you can contact them via Instagram: @prestige_ng

Which shade is your fav guys? Has anyone used this product or any product from the brand?
lease let me know.

I'll have a September favs video up in a bit, be sure to check back!!
till later,

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