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Hi guys!
It is just Tuesday, but believe me whe I say it has been a long week for me. 
I should be positng a video tutorial right now, but I havent had the time to edit it yet. Should be able to post that before the weekend.
I decided to do a review of these lpstciks i recieved about a week ago, from Ease Cosmetics

Ease Cosmetics is A nigerian brand owned by Makeup Artist and Beauty Entrepeneur, MARADARAH
So we went to makeup school together, NINE YEARS ago! I was absolutely thrilled, when I discovered this is indeed her brand! Nigerian women and hustle! you gotta love it!

So let's get down to the bidness!
 I was sent 4 shades, Phly, I rock, Demand and Mood..See swatches and review below


I really love the gold pack. Very gorge!
Liplipstciks themselves come in a regular tube,and an applicator but the catch is it has an auto led light that comes on as soon as you unscrew it, and it also comes with a mirror. ( I showed this on my snapchat! ID: themakeuptales)

So this varied from shade to shade. They are pgmented, some more than others. 
Phly and I rock were the most pigmented and easiest to apply. It went on really nicely and covered my lips with one swipe, more or less
Mood, was also pigmented but it took about 3 layers to cover. Layering liquid lipstick is quite tricky, as most of them end up patchy. This one too.
Demand was the most difficult for me, it didnt apply as smoothly as the rest, and it wasnt salso as pigmented.

These are definitely matte. After application they felt really uncomfortable and  dry on the lips, but suprisingly, after they dried, completely, I didnt feel a thing, which is a good thing. Very comfortable wear for the rest of the day

These are really long lasting!..I shared how MOOD lasted throughout the day on m snapchat as well. I am quite impressed with the lasting power of these

The shades are really nice, though Phly and Mood look similar, but even from the swatches, Mood is Darker than Phly. All in all, pigmentation not bad at all, and application was great with some shades. Definitely some room for improvement, and i hope some of the formular will be revisited. My fav shades have to be Mood (which I got compliments on, yes yes!) and Danger, which is like a Dupe for MAC Lady Danger.

I used one of the lippies in the next makeup tutorial, be sure to check back!!

What do guys think? What shade is calling your name?

Let me know in the comments below!
Remember guys, BUY NIGERIAN!

Thank you guys for always stopping by1

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  1. Hi!. I used a nude of this (dunno the name) and I loved it! please tell me how and where to get one, if you know. I love how I rock pops on you tho. Beautiful!

    1. hello thanks for the kind words xx you can check out their instagram: easecosmetics


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