12:21 pm

Hi guys!

So I couldn't do a makeup tutorial for this week as my lightening system got faulty, but i'll share one or two pictures of the look on Instagram (@themakeuptales)
I do have a review of another upcoming Nigerian brand this week, be sure to check back ( let me know if you like to see  more new Nigerian brands!)

I had the opportunity to attend the makeup fair in Abuja this year, as BeautyKink was there to exhibit. I took a break from being a sales person to be a beauty blogger, so I could get some pictures for y'all! 
See them below!

This was basically the same format with the Lagos Makeup fair but it was refreshing to see new faces from Abuja! 
A big thumbs up to Lola of Pops Concept for always putting these shows together so well!

Till later my loves,

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  1. Lovely pictures. I would love to attend this kinda events. I live in Abuja but didn't know this happened. Don't stop updating. Thanks


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