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Hi guys!
How is it going?
Sooooooo I got two of the spring liquid lipstick collection from ABH. I saw the swatches on Instagram and I knew I wanted these two

so on to the nitty gritty

I got two shades, one a usual for me and the other not so much.
Trying my best to try out shades that are kind of outside my comfort zone


 This is Crush, it is a pale peachy color that I cannot wear without a lip liner!
 But this I already knew and I already had lip combos in my head. 
I have worn this color a total of 5 times now with different lip liners and OMG I love it! With liquid lipsticks I tend not to buy the pale bright colors, because they tend to apply differently than deeper shades. But this applied well, even better than the darker shade I got


I saw this on ABH's page on Instagram and it seemed like the answer to my perfect purple craving.
 Not too deep or too pale or too bright with a hint of see why I had to keep my eyes open day and night, 24 7, all month round...okay that's a but dramatic but you get my point,lol! 
Once this baby dries up it gives me just that! At first I thought it looked similar to BM PRO gillyflower, but this is darker and more wearable for me.


PIGMENTATION: No complaints here, quite pigmented
FORMULAR: I love it! So creamy
TEXTURE: Dries matte. Not uncomfortable. Didn't feel heavy on the lips
APPLICATION: Crush applied really well, smooth and creamy, Madison didn't apply as well as Crush
LONGEVITY: Lasted for a long time. Didn't crack or  fade in the middle of the lips

Overall I am happy with this purchase! 
God liquid lipsticks need to DIE!! We have had enough! LOL! 
I kid! I will still buy!

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Till later guys!

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  1. A lot of reviews I read up on beforehand mentioned that this liquid lipsticks being extremely dry! But, frankly for me they are not at all. They are very comfortable for me. Probably because of my moisturized lips or whatever it is. I love them! For the first time I used this on my brother's wedding. I did my makeover from Lina, who trains best make-up lesson by Lina Cameron in my town, she used this on me. And my lipstick was just like it was after having my dinner too! I absolutely love them, they are super in color and long lasting! <3


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