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Hi guys!
So i recently did a mini haul from Lena Lashes. 
They are quite popular especially for their lashes, so I decided to give it a go!
Read my thoughts below

So let us start with the lashes.
I did buy a mink lash and a synthetic one, just to see WHY a synthetic lash would cost $18!

Lena Lashes-Monroe
So this is the synthetic lash and it is named Monroe. It is very pretty and has some wispy thing going on. It is alright for a synthetic lash...but not alright for the price. I'd rather stock up on Creme Lashes. I would get at least 5 pairs!

Lena Lashes-Noemie

This id the mink lash and it is named Noemie. The difference in quality is like the distance between Lagos and Abuja. and not the distance by helloplane, distance by trekking. OK I am being dramatic but you get the drift.
This lash is soft and is really pretty. The band is relatively thick, if you are comparing with normal human hair lashes..but I think most mink lashes have bands like this.. I guess because of the mink fur..
I like this style as well, and it retails for $40. With the current exchange rate, it will come to N12800!! WHAT A WOW! 

So on to the liquid lipsticks..
So i had been seeing swatches on Instagram of these Lena lipsticks and wondered how it would look on my dark skin (Jackie Aina has a full video on this), so that made me buy it (or at least that is the excuse I gave myself)
This up here is the ONLY bad thing about these products! No shades! no shades! But then again, the business woman in me knows this might have happened due to something beyond the company's control. Yep, business is hard like that sometimes ALL THE TIME

Lena Lashes Liquid Lipstick in Jason

Lena Lashes Liquid Lipstick in Frederique

Lena Lashes Liquid Lipstick in Jason and Frederique
I really love these! Let me break it down for ya!

I looove how these babies apply. These two shades applied the same way..They are not too liquidy and they are not pasty as well. They do not get stick during or after application. 
These are really dry, you might want to exfoliate before wearing.


These lasted all day for me, but to be fair I didn't eat anything, just water (get slim or die trying!)
Putting into consideration that the formula is really dry and I didn't see any cracks or fading at the end of the day, is quite impressive
So as at the time of typing up this post. I wouldn't know how it would react with food. I am definitely going to put it through that test and update.
I also noticed that at the end of the day, the color in the center of my lips, appeared darker than the rest...weird right??

No shade! I had to go check my email to be sure what shade was what! 
Comes in a simple tube
It has no fragrance



All in all, I was more pleased with the liquid lipsticks than the lashes. The only problem I have with the lashes is the price. Although I got about 40% off got the lipsticks and I think 10% off the eyelashes . 
already thinking of  buying more liquid lipstick shades from the brand...hope they the quality is consistent in all shades!

Anyone ever heard of our used any product from this brand?? 
I would like to know! Please leave a comment in the box below

till later,

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  1. The lashes look lovely but the conversion to Naira just blew my mind! WOW! The fredrique shade is gorge! I know you will kill it in a makeup look. Can't wait!

    1. the naira is just disgusting right now! lool
      Thanks for reading x

  2. The mink lashes look really good. But the liquid lipsticks tho!!!!!! Looks bomb on you! They look so amazing! Never tried this but with your review, i definetly want to!!! But that price ehn mehhnnnnnnnnn

  3. how do you get ads on your blog??i have been trying forever with adsense,maybe i cant because i already have you a youtube

  4. I ordered Mrs. Carter Collection, Lash Bunny Collection and a single pair of lashes --- instead of sending the Lash Bunny, they send 2 Mrs. Carter collections (which are cheaper lashes). I tried to contact the company twice including pictures of what they sent with my invoice (to prove they sent the wrong thing). The company NEVER EVEN BOTHERED TO RESPOND. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I will never order from this company again.


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