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Today I will be talking about the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Kapow and showing how it looks on dark skin.

So, it took me a long time to fall for the colourpop hype. At some point you couldn't check your Insta feed without seeing someone wearing Colourpop. So in usual makeup addict I decided to try it for myself. So I got two shades, one of them is Kapow

Colourpop describes this shade as "muted grey taupe"
So here is my take on it..

Shade: This shade is quite tricky, I thought it would be a nice nudey shade that would suit well without needing a lipliner. But it isn't so. I still need a lipliner with this to feel safe! It has grey undertones which make my teeth look really dirty.  I am on the fence right now about this shade

Formula: This is a liquid lipstick that dries matte. This particular shade dried really matte as opposed to the other shade that I have that still left a bit of shine after drying. It is quite liquidy as well, far from pasty. It is not sticky.and doesn't transfer. Formula is not bad at all.

Longetivity:  This lasts well, fading starts to occur a little after 4 hours. If you eat anything oily, fading will occur much earlier than that

Packaging: pretty basic, solid tube with a wand..nothing ghen ghen, as expected for the price

I get the hype, there are are more expensive brands that are not as good as this, so I totally get it. Was it worth the price? BIG YES. Should you get it? If you are into matte lippies, this will be a good buy for you!
Where to buy Colorpop in Nigeria:

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  1. I've been wanting to get kapow but i ended up getting limbo which i haven't even worn.I love how it looks in a way but i'm still on the fence on whether to get it.

    1. I want Limbo too! and LAX but I don't know why i am hesitant!

  2. thefiercebutterfly19 April, 2016

    I normally just neglect anything with instagram hype. But after seeing this I think I might get one or two shades.


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