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Hi guys!
How is it going?
I will be talking about what I believe most girls experience, day to day- the eyebrow struggle.
Check the part 1 of this post here

I will be talking about the products I have amassed in the hope of getting the perfect brows. Sisters, the struggle never ends. I have included my favorite brow product, keep reading to see which one and why!


This is just like a felt pen, and it has a fine tip. This product lasts a long time, but unfortunately this shade didn't work for me, so I don't get to use it as much as I would like..


This is a retractable pencil but with sharp 3D edges. I get the idea behind the edges, they make filling brows really easy and neat. Down side is after prolonged use, the edges start to flatten out and you are left with one big blob..more like bueno! 

However I loved the color of this pencil, my shade is dark brown, I think. This one I have left is too light for me, I already used up the brown one. And oh yeah, lasting power too is great and it isn't waxy!


Nigeria's tiny gems! People love this stuff sha o! For me, once i have to sharpen it, it takes away like 5 points! Do not shoot me, I am that lazy! 
These pencils are really good especially for the price. Very pigmented, they apply nicely, not waxy as well. BUT be careful not to hug people too much, or you might find your self brow-less at the end of the day! Okay I kid! Use a brow sealer or tamer and you should be fine!


Another 5 points off for sharpening! Lol!

So these are like, for now the only pencils that might be worth sharpening for me. I love the color, pigmentation is great, it is absolutely matte, applies smoothly, and very long lasting. If you haven't tried this yet, you should! I hear they are very scarce now!


This one gets points for being a retractable pencil, but the product itself is not slim enough! It isn't not fat fat, but not so slim too! *sigh* But with manage manage, it works well. This is as well is very matte and does not transfer.


I fell for this one.
Before I got it, I realized it has the same 3D edges like the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist, but I read reviews and the hype was real. And it was cheap at the time, about $4-$6 if I remember correctly.

It is more or less the same with the the Sleek one only this one is a darker darker shade which I like, because I like my brows really dark.
But I don't think I'm going to gamble with these "3D" pencils again


God! I used to love this stuff! It was like heaven sent. Till Hegai and Esther Brow Pomade came along and destroyed almost every brow product for me *weeps*

I had to dig this out , because it used to be a staple in my kit! 


So this is my everyday brow product now. I did a review and also a video tutorial on this. Check it here


P.S I have tried ABH Brow Wiz
Yasssss to Spiked and Stud!
Yes, these things break off easily,
yes it is too pricey for the little product
yes the formulation isn't as good as before
yes I know all these things,

but find me two pencils with perfect color match with my skin, and with my brow hair, 
find me a pencil that us retractable, and sharpens on its own, 
find me a pencil that still maintains its tiny tip after continued use
find me a pencil that lasts all day and does not shine
find me a pencil that is soooo easy to use,
and yes, find me a pencil that has all these qualities in one tiny tub, and it better be cheaper,
then maybe I will throw this one in the gutter and stop singing its praises.

Till then, these pencils remain my all time favorite.

And MAC had better stop increasing the price before they print 
DIED THE EYEBROW DEATH on my obituary in the future, because I am going to continue repurchasing.
God help me!

So do you have a favorite eyebrow product, PLEASE DO SHARE! I would like to know!
You guys have a fantastic week ahead!

Till later,

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  1. the struggle is real! This Hegai & Esther i must get one of my Nigerian friends to get me one to try and see what the hype is all about. Spiked is good but i hear the ABH Brow wiz is better. I have a love-hate relationship with the ABH dipbrow pomade.

    1. haha! you have to try the hegai and esther brow pomade! Beautykink will be shipping to Ghana really soon!

  2. Oh I have been using the H&E brow gel and i absolutely love it!!! A little goes a long way

    1. That tin is something like magic *in falz voice*

  3. ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate and Jordan Easyliner for Eyes in Coffee Bean are my everyday brow products They're both very good.

  4. I've tried a few on your list and some others, but I always come back to MAC! The colour match is perfection and I think its worth every penny.

  5. I am a MAC addict even though its a bit pricey.Nothing gives me that precision yet.I think there was a bad batch with MAC that was why the pencilskept breaking easily.

    Lovely post.

    1. I guess so..lets up the new ones wont break like that!
      thanks for stopping by

  6. Ha you did not mention the airwoman and davis N50 naira pencils?Ees not fair o.A tad bit waxy but they are very workable.I use the davis pencil in 003 and then seal with hegai and esther in nubia and my brows are forever on "fleeekest"!!lol at dying the eyebrow death..

    1. U are so right! I line my brows with the davis pencil and seal with hegai and like magic

    2. Lol! Used to be a fan of Airwoman especially but I am afraid I have left that phase behind me! Loool the last time i tried using it for a class, it came out well but in my head i was like *wth is this* just too waxy for me right now and not worth the stress jare! ha!!


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