3:02 pm

Howdy my beautiful people!
How is the weekend going?

Today's post is a makeup look, please tell me you are not tired of me wearing purple. I made a mental note after doing this, to overlook all my purple lippies for no more purple  henceforth!

And yes I chopped my hair! 
I will tell you why below!
Sooo I just had enough!
Brushing my hair and weave every morning and sometimes during the day was just too miserable for me, going to the salon was even more miserable, I wanted to be able to wake up in the morning, hop in the shower and GO!

And that is exactly what I do now, and I have never been happier in the mornings, and also at night when I want to sleep!

I have had quite a number of people ask me, if I am going the natural way! Ah no bueno, I don't have strength to be pitting in all those products and doing orishisrisi styles. Besides even my relaxed hair used to give me migraines, so no #teamnatural for me.
My hair is texlaxed currently.

And then again, I have come to realize that I am not a "fleek" babe. I see girls with weaves, nails and serious makeup game everyday, and I envy them. I wish I could do that, but hey we are wired differently! I am a very practical person, I no dey like extra stress.

Do I have anyone that feels like this about all these "embellishments?"

Guys! I have a YouTube video on my foundation routine! I am still editing, the post should be up next week! I am so excited about it ha!!
Oh I don't know if anyone sees how loooong these lashes are! These are the longest lashes I have worn, you should see how it looks in the pack! Amen to long falsies!



Rose Water Spray for Primer
Fashion Fair Creme to powder in Pure Brown
Fashion Fair Oil Blotting Powder in Kola
Becca Shimmering Powder in Opal
MAC blush in Frankly Scarlet (bleeended!)


BM PRO Chantilly eyeshadow for lid
MAC Shadowy lady eyeshadow in crease
Morphe Single eyeshadow in Fuschia
Hegai and Esther Eyebrow Gel in Ebony
Hegai and Esther Gel liner in Onyx to like eyes
Stilazzi Falsies in 302


BM Pro Longlasting Lipgloss in Legendary
BM Pro Longlasting Lipgloss in Peony
BM Pro Longlasting Lipgloss in Gillyflower
BM PRO moisturizing matte lipstick in Geisha

Products available at BeautyKink!

Let me know what you guys think!
Till later

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  1. you look fantastic, your facial structure totally looks amazing with short hair. You look like one of those "on fleek" girls!

    1. I am so not! lol i wish
      thank you babe

  2. Welcome to my world.YI locked my hair for same reason, I just wish the girliness in me can come out lolz.
    You look beautiful babes.

    1. Thank you love, the wahala was getting too much

  3. you look gorgeous! that short hair suits you and makes you look younger! them lashes tho! on fleek you are! Love purple so pls don't stop!

    1. thank you!
      i hav moved everything ourole out of my makeup stash!! 😂😂😂 I need break loool

  4. You look gorgeous and younger with the short hair.

    1. Thank you! everyone says I look like I am in seonday school *welp*

  5. You're obviously a purple girl. Way to go sister!! I'm still begging God for the grace to chop my hair off.

  6. love those lashes girl!!and your hair suits you well.

  7. Love you bae. My inspiration. Cutting my hair too, just waiting a lil more time getting some stuff ready. By the way d make up is classic! Purple color ur best for ever. Used to that������

  8. Did you let it grow out a little before cutting it? On and beautiful makeup😻


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