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Hello guys!
How is it going??

I will be showing you guys swatches of the new Zaron Lipsticks that I have come to really really like! Zaron sha! Thumbs up for this! So here are the products and why I really like them!


Denim's a dark blue shade I know I am not that brave to wear out! Well maybe until I do my gorimapa (low cut) , then I might have be brave enough


This is MAC Rebel in matte form!! This is one of the easier shades to apply. I really love this one

Oh cow girl! I loooovvve this shade! 

I think it is a perfect dupe for MAC flat out fabulous!


I am not much of a pink fan, but if youare, this will be right up your alley. It is gorgeous! I was surprised on hoe not-so-crazy it looked on me!

Only downside to this is, it is one of the more difficult shades to apply for me
It wasn't so smooth to apply!


This is also a good dupe for Rubywoo without all the wahala that one comes with! Come to think of it, it looks like Zaron just decided to create dupes of some MAC lipsticks...abi is it just me?? Might be wrong though.

Fierce is definitely a stunner. I love it!

Vegaas is a deeper red! My camers didnt pick this up at well. It is a deep brick red and I definitely love this! I wear this more than foerce anyway, and it is one of the easier ones to apply as well. Goes on smoothly and lasts very long! (well they all do...0


Ebony for me, is the best..hands down! Easiest to apply, glided on really easily and very opaque! And definitely very in for the new brown/60s/retro trend. Hi Limecrime Salem, you have a younger sister!

I know first hand, that butterscotch is one of the best selling shades! It is such a gorgeous nude color, but I am afraid it isn't for my color or skin tone! I'd have to blend and use a lip liner before this would look good on me, and to me that defeats the purpose of a nude lipstick. I need to put on a nude lipstick without any hassles.
I have seen this on the #teamlightskin gang, and it really a foregeous shade! Oh well Zaron, we need this in a Tanna look alike!


Oh Zaron, thou killeth me with this shade! Absolutely nuts! I love it! somehow I think they cannot find this lipstick anymore, maybe lost in the warehouse or something, because I have been looking to repurchase but nobody has it! Oh well! It had better be dug out from where it is! It is a gorgeous pale mauve shade and it sits so well on my skin. It looks so much like a lighter version of Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Veronica
Bottom line: I love it! 

In general
Pigmentation is really good. These lipsticks are opaque

Texture is really really matte, they are very matte. But good matte. Not drying matte, not hard to remove matte. This have the same finish with liquid lipsticks but without the cement feeling. read my liquid lipstick rant here

Application: Application of some shades was smoother than others, as I have already indicated in the pictures. Some shades tend to not go on so smoothly, BUT for a matte lipstick of its texture and finish, i think the application is quite good!

Longevity: Eat a doughnut, eat amala et gbegiri, drink (or better still, EAT) fan yogo, these babies go no where! I am just looking at all those liquid lipsticks with bad eye

Price: For N2500-N3000, and for this quality?? good bang for your buck abeg!

If you do like matte lipsticks without the hassles that come with liquid lipsticks, buy these!

Where to buy: Any Zaron outlet, BeautyKink Lekki,

anybody cop these??
let me know how you like them or not (if it is not, we cannot be friends, lol!)

Talk to y'all later,

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  1. wow! Zaron has really stepped up their game! These swatches look really good.

  2. The shades all look lively!

  3. The shades all look lively!


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