3:31 pm

Hope it is going well.
I do have a makeup look today, two as a matter of fact,
see picture below
Si I did not intend to do two looks... but can we be truthful here? can we?
I am tired of all these liquid lipsticks!
Just a total mess! You have to be really quick to apply it, not to mention verrry careful. Then after the struggle to apply, some feel like cement on your lips!
Then you can't eat Jollof rice in peace. You have to be eating it like you are eating hot yam, ever so carefulllyyy, so it won't start peeling off, but even at that, the middle starts peeling off, and your lips end up looking like a know with empty space in the middle!
 I JUST CAN'T ANYMORE! Makeup should not be that stressful nitori Olorun! I am kinda done with the trend. I think.

Anyhoos while I was doing this look, I decided to mix two liquid lipsticks together, and for some funny reason I did not have it easy

So I got angry and just did a nude lip ( I am a nude girl at heart, truly) and I think goes with this look really well, Sorta made me look angelic..(please let me have this moment lol)!!

I changed my blush as well to something more earthy, and did a paler illuminator.
 Product deets after pictures..


Graftobian HD Foundation
Fashion Fair Oil Blotting Powder in Kola
Ben Nye Banana Powder under the eyes and on the cheeks
Becca Shimmering powder in Opal for first look
Becca Shimmering powder in Moonstone for second look
MAC Frankly Scarlet blush for first look
Zaron Mudfest Blush and Black Opal Blush in Raisin for second look
Hegai and Esther Brow Gel in Nubia

Undiscovered form the Lorac Unzipped Palette on lid
Inglot AMC pigment on lid
Unwined from the Lorac Unzipped palette in Crease
Mehron Eye Glitter in Holographic Silver in Inner corner
Creme Lashes in 747m and 523, stacked.

Lip 1: BM PRO Gillyflower and Chai
Lip 2: Pibona Lipstick in Angelica and L.A Girl Endless Lip Liner in Cocoa

So anyone loving/not-loving/tired/indifferent about the matte lip trend? Please leave a comment below, let us discuss!
Till later my lovelies,

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  1. Hahaha! Liquid lipsticks really feel like cement on the lips! The struggle is too much Abeg. But I really love their pigmentation. You look pretty dear xoxo

    1. the struggle is much I agree. But we have to be on trend lol!

  2. you really do look angelic. While I think liquid lipsticks look fantastic in pics, they are a disaster in real life. Im glad I let that trend pass me by. I like your references to food... I was dying of laughter over here.

  3. I only own one liquid lipstick and I only wear it on selected days. I just can't abeg. Too much hassle.

  4. You look adorable though.
    i love that shade of purple:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  5. i agree o!I jst sometimes go over them with a light gloss and i still get to keep the shade on my lips!


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