#HYPE-FAIL: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

1:18 pm

Hi guys!

As the title reads, this is a post about a hype fail and I am soooo pisssssed as I type this! *loads bullet*!
You know how the story goes, makeup company creates a product claiming blah blah, beauty bloggers review and before we know it, everyone hops on the train..most times a good train, other times a faulty, yamayama, rugeddy train that leads to nowhere but OILY FACE!!  Lmao, please free me, I am really angry!! The Makeup Forever HD foundation is a hype fail for me, and i'ma tell you why!

Makeup Forever says it is "An oil-free medium coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible even under the most magnifying HD lens" sic

Oil Free?? I say @gerrahie with that shii"
Okay before I start cussing out, let me say that I realize that different products work for different people, differently!
But this didn't work for me.
Coverage was not bad, color match to me was perfect
but this foundation released the gates of oil on my face!
Now I don't have the typical oily face, I have always said that on this blog (thumbs up Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque..don't sleep on this product please)
So imagine my surprise when, 1-2 hours into the product, I was sweating oil. 
It did not end there, I didn't use it the next day, God forbid!
But my face was still sweating oil! Without any product whatsoever on my face!
I started using my Mint Julep Mask everyday, for one week straight, before the oil stopped. 
I wasn't convinced it was the foundation, so I tried it again. Let us just say it is DEFINITELY this foundation! Definitely!

Mufe Hd Foundation. Shade: 185

The coverage of this foundation is not bad at all, 
blended, it covered the lipstick stain on my hand quite easily.

VERDICT: It is a no for me!

Have you used this product?
Please tell me if it worked for you and how well,
can't wait to read your comments, maybe I might be the odd one out:(

thanks for reading as always..

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  1. Oh wow! This foundation has been so hyped that I've felt like I'm missing out on the best foundation in the world. Now I'm getting second thoughts....thanks for the post!


  2. I use the Lancôme teint idole foundation and was literally going to purchase this since everyone was going crazy about it. Yeah so I definitely won't be buying it after this review!


  3. sorry that it was an oily mess on you wish i couldve tried that formulation. what did you end up doing with it? you should try using the duo matte powder with it. have a question what shade would you be in the ultra hd as the 185 is discontinued would you be the R540?


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