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Happy new month!
You know how you look at your makeup kit/bag and you are just like "what is all this rubbish?"
The worst part is when you have broken eyeshadows that have stained the whole purse, making it look like dirty kampala material, ha! Anyways, something similar happened to me. 
All my eyeshadows had begun to irritate me, from good brands, to the nameless ones, so i threw them out, and went on an eyeshadow spree. the Stilazzi eyeshadows I'll be reviewing today are part of that major eyeshadow haul

I already stuck these into my Z palette, so I couldn't get the shade numbers, please bear with me. They are pearly metallic eyeshadows so they are shiny and oh so sparkly!

PIGMENTATION & TEXTURE: Oh! I don't think I need to talk much, as you can see from the pictures how pigmented they are! They apply so smoothly. Fall out is minimal if there is any at all

LONGEVITY: The eyeshadows last really long and they don't crease. with a good eyeshadow base, getting it off might be an issue. Yep! that good! 

PRICE: These retail for $3.50 each, and considering that the size is bigger than the regular eyeshadow pans( e.g MAC eyeshadows) and the texture...bucks well spent

Verdict: The fact that they come in pans refillable pans, very pigmented, reasonably priced, ticks all the right boxes for me. Next stop for me are their matte counterparts.
where to buy:stilazzi

Have you tried this product? I'd love to hear from you!
Till later, 

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  1. omggggg so pigmented


  2. Nice post but where are the shade names. That would of made this post A+


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