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So today, I'll be reviewing these highlighters from BECCA. You know how I mentioned that i am currently obsessed with highlighters, well I still am. Also obsessed with eyeshadows now ( whhaaaaattt?!), but that is a story for another day. Ok on to what we came here for

So I have been hunting for powder highlighters, well because my mind is set in stone on the Nars Liquid that is out of the way. Anyhoos, i was looking for illuminators that weren't on the goldish side, you know like, bronzers, because heaven forbid I add another bronzer to my stash!
And I finally settled on these in OPAL and MOONSTONE. 
I read about these and looked up on the swatches. When these babies came, I was really eager to swatch. 

BECCA : A sequel to the cult favorite liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector®, this creamy powder luminizer is like crushed gemstones in a compact"

ME:  Taaaa! Creamy powder ngwanu??! Not creamy biko!

Well aside for the "creamy" aspect (which I wasn't looking forward to in a powdery product anyway) these babies might just be one of my best purchases in recent times! Loveeeee 'em! Okay let;s get into the shades I got


Opal shows up on my skin like a pale bronze, a little different from swatches I had seen online.  It has little hints of a bright gold


I was really looking forward to this one, because it almost looked silver-ish online

This one looked exactly the way I had pictured it!

 Swatching them side by side. they look too close! Like whyyy did I buy the two...

but applying it was so different, and it blended so well into the skin that I was amazed. With the tiny grains you can see on my palms, one would think it would appear that same way and difficult to blend, but I was pleasantly surprised...okay maybe it is a bit creamyy.. *chuckles*

OPAL on my cheeks
 Look how smooth it looks! Like a cream product!

Then I used moonstone on my nose! Love it!

Overall, I really really really like these products! This is the 2nd BECCA purchase I have made and I am pleased. 
It applies really well,
very easy to blend
color selection is fantastic,
packaging is cuuuute and sturdy!
and at $38 about N8000, it is pricey, but quality wins all the time!

I'm just really glad I'm trying out other "high-end" brand these days. "Not everytime cheap cheap stovvs" *in falzthebahdguy's voice* lool.

So what do guys think?
P.S I just got my lighting sorted out for my video set up..did I tell you guys that one of my lights just exploded while I was filming? lool I caught it on camera, it is too funny! I was thinking of doing a haul post, as I have a few new things? what say you??

Till later,

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  1. Haha! Your writing style is so hilarious. Loved the post tho.

  2. The finished product looks beautiful!

  3. wow, you look fantastic. At first I thought they looked a little too silver, but its great how you didn't go overboard!

  4. seems topaz and rose gold are more women of colour friendly? It blends smoothly too


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