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Hello everyone!
So I promised to do a video and a review of me using the Hegai and Esther Eyebrow Definer so here we go..
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Instagram!! Una well done for the hype of this product o!! Well done!! Well, is the hype worth it?? erm this time it is a BIG YES!! 

the Hegai and Esther eyebrow definer is a brow pomade that is waterproof and longlasting. It is really really similar to the Anastasia  Brow Pomade. It comes in two shades for now, which is EBONY and NUBIA. 

Nubia is actually the more popular shade, because it was the first to come out. but I kinda knew it would be light for my skintone. see I am a blacky shadow and I don't deceive myself. I use MaryKay in 708, sometimes 808, Mac NW55 I always go for the blacker shades.
 I was quite happy when early this year, the darker shade for Nubia came out, which is Ebony. So I decided to get the two, and like I predicted, the Nubia was light for me and it didn't show up well. Ebony was perfect. 

top: nubia, below: ebony
I really do love this stuff. It is creamy, glides on easily, easy to blend, and it dries as matte. When it dries, it is extremely long lasting. Extremely. 
I don't even know what to say again, except that this is a bomb product and you NEED TO GET IT! 

I threw this two in my kit and I recently purchased another EBONY for myself. I have been using it every time both professionally and in my everyday life.

This actually made me realize I have to do a 'THE BROW STRUGGLE II' post. check HERE for I if you missed it. I have bought so many brow products just to replace my fav which is the MAC eyebrow pencil, so I have accumulated too many brow products, I should share them with you..

So this awesome product comes in a pretty basic pack as you can see, and a stiff brush with which you can use to apply the brow definer. 

This brush is pretty decent, and it can get the job done. but I use my fav brow definer brush with this. Details are in the video

All in all I will give this product 8/10. It will get the remaining 2, if after months it hasn't dried up!! If you are a makeup lover, or a pro, or you just want easy and BOMB brows, GET THIS PRODUCT!! 

Where to Buy: (click HERE)


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  1. argghh u'll be making me want everything every time :( nice tutorial :)

  2. I am just really excited that u r back to posting regularly. Yippeee! That powder over the brow is such a cool trick. Will try it out. Nice!

  3. This is definitely on my list for next month purchase as my eyebrows disappear after a while at work. Thanks to my Oily Skin I guess

  4. HI PLS Where can i get mac nw55.cant get itin konga an jummia


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