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Liquid matte lipsticks are the rave now, I think they have surpassed the "highlighting and contouring" in a way. All makeup brands have their own matte liquid these days, it
 is becoming something else. ha!
anyway today I review this lip product that was given to me by a distributor of Glam Gals in Nigeria, talking faces

  Let me get straight to the point...
I was just so glad to have been given this shade, because PURPLE is king! and quen! and bae! lol!

PIGMENTATION:  You get a considerable amount of this color with one swipe, but that might not be enough if you are looking for full coverage. you might need to apply about 2-3 layers to get full coverage

TEXTURE & FORMULATION: I really love the texture of this product. it isn't too liquidy neither is pasty. The formulation is quite good and it allows you to layer very well without smudging 

LONGEVITY: This is very matte, so it stays on long and does not transfer.Using a lip liner first would definitely extend the "life" of this product

PRICING: This costs between N1500-2000

Overall I'll rate this product 7/10, and I'll definitely love to try other shades!

Where to Buy:

Talking Faces
Phone number: 2347030832439
BBPin: 27832812

till later guys,

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  1. Hahaha! Purple is king and queen and bae! Love that1 and purple too! Never heard of this brand. Anyways how will you compare this to the Sleek ones?

    1. HELLO ANNETTE, in terms of texture, they are worlds apart, this is more liquidy than the sleek flash a pout

  2. ! I mean! Known and unknown brands have their own liquid mattes these days!
    In all, their prizes vary greatly, it's now a matter of buy the ones your pockets can smile at. No one can tell what brand you have on anyway. LOL!

    1. LO! ikr... but sometimes some cheap ones don't try with their texture at all..chai, just be on your mouth looking like chalk

  3. talkingfaces27 May, 2015

    thanks for the review Shalewa. im glad you like the lippie. However you got the bbpin wrong. here is the correct one 7a5b1acc. cheers


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