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Hello again!

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I'll be sharing with you pictures from Adejoke's introduction ceremony. If you missed the pre-wedding shoot pictures, click here

So as at the time I was ready to do her face, I had no idea what to do! sometimes you work on someone's face many times, you run out of ideas! I finally decided to do something with glitters, because I rarely use them. and i looooved the outcome! I used the bh cosmetics eye glitter in Fuschia.

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So I decided to do very soft face and verrry soft lips, to contrast the pre wedding shoot.

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This is one of the few people that I know loves long lashes! we are cut from the same cloth so we both have long lashes.. lool! with her I am never scared to "gum" 747L on her eyes!

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Here I used the black up full coverage foundation I purchased last year on her and it almost turned into a disastrous day!!! Normally, I could buy into the hype of lipsticks, blushers etc, but NEVER foundation! Because i already have m favorite brands. I don't know why I bought into the hype of this Black Up...i found myself buying about 4 shades at once.
Infact don't let me talk much, I'll have a review up soon.

So that's it guys.
Please look out for my Hegai and Esther Brow video. should be up soon!

till later,

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