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Hello guys!
What's popping?

I do have an obsession with bronzers and illuminators. Serious obsession! I am always on the lookout for them, in different shades, and different forms: liquid, gel, creams, powder.

Check review and look below

I had been eyeing the Mehron Bronzing gel for a awhile, mostly because it looks so warm! 

Mehron says "It is a unique,  lightweight bronzing  gel for all over body coverage,  gives skin a beautiful,  even natural-looking glow, mimics  the look of a day in the sun  without the  damaging effects, provides soothing comfort, and  ease of  application" 

And I have to agree with 90% of everything said. It is lightweight, doesn't feel heavy on the skin, light weight enough to use all over your face. The warmth it gives my face is beautiful. I am so in love with the glow and warmth, I cant even begin to describe it. 

However, the ease of application is what I disagree with. When I first got it, I just couldn't understand it! In my mind I was like "Salewa o tu ti ra rubbish" (I have bought rubbish again) 
The pump brings out more product than you should use. ?And because this is a gel product, it dries EXTRA fast. At first i used to use my hand to blend it, but it would get seriously messy. But The Real Technique Buffing Brush did the trick. Also layering this is difficult.

But after a while, I understood it and then fell in love with it *cheesy grin*

As you can see here, the gel itself is a beautiful bronze color,  which is perfect for my skin tone.

After blending in, the shimmer is minimal. Infact it is not shimmery like most bronzers, it just really warms and illuminates the skin

Here, I mixed it with my foundation and applied it all over my face, then applied it on its own to just below the apple of my cheeks and around my head, to give a sun kissed look. The love I have for this thing is *sighhhh*

At $23 for 30ml  I'd say this is well  priced and reasonable enough.

I thought this would kind of quench my thirst for liquid bronzers, but this has just increased my greed more. Now I have been eyeing and dreaming about NARS illuminators in Copacabana and Orgasm. Sometimes I think about the Armani Fluid Sheer when I'm eating too...and we all know what that means..... *double sigh*

anyone tried any of the products mentioned?? I'd love to hear from you

Till later,

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  1. Really nice

  2. Yes! Please get some illuminators on beautykink

  3. Hey I really love your makeup techniques and you are beautiful hun... Thanks for the detailed review


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