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Hello guys! How's everyone doing!
Quick post here! I had the pleasure to glam up Funmilola for her Traditional Engagement party. Check pics below

So I was referred to Funmilola by a good mutual friend, as she made her booking from the States. We never met before the day, I just had faith it was going to go well even w/o doing a trial (I hate trials lmao)

I got to her, and I met this yummy chocolately skin waiting for me. Hamrika people and their yummy skin *rolls eyes* The only instruction she gave me was "I dont want fat brows, I hate it!" In my mind I was like "that makes the two of us" Very bubbly and friendly, we set the glamness in motion

I try to take pics mid point to see imperfections or errors from the camera view..(DSLR cameras pick up on the tiniest details). this is good because It will make you adjust and correct whatever you need to before the final gbogbo e 

So it was time to tie her gele..and the gele that met me was the shortest and smallest gele I have ever seen for a bride. We Nigerian vendors need to do better. Even if bride or client is an IJGB(I just got back)and they might not know the latest here doesnt mean you should scam or decieve the person by offering lower quality stuff. It is just not fair.

Anyways I tried my best to make it work and the bride loved it! *whew* but I definitely took a lesson away from this: Omosalewa, go and learn how to tie short gele! No excuses! Lol. There is always a lesson to be learnrd, and always areas to improve on!

I decided to write an epistle on this post, because someone might be able to learn from this. Actually I learned a whole lot , but I thought I would form a series on "experiences on set" which I know will be interesting! Who wants to see?!! Let me know in the comment box.

Oh and I used the Black Up Full Coverage foundation that i recently just got, i'll have a review up soon.

A big thank you to Funmilola for choosing Olumakeovers on your special day! I wish you the best of everything!! 

Thank you guys for reading!

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  1. Your realness and humility amazes me all the time. Great job!

  2. Yea I would want to see "experience on set"....Nice makeup, she looks good, the eye shadow, chaiiiii really nice

  3. Yea I would want to see "experience on set"....Nice makeup, she looks good, the eye shadow, chaiiiii really nice

    1. thanks! i'll def make it a thing

  4. Me want " Experience on set". Lovely makeup Omo

  5. Omosalewa going places...thumbs up sista mi


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