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hope the new year is treating you goood?!
I wish everyone the best this year has to offer!! 

Sooo my first post of the year is a product review. I recently did a MAJOR haul...when I say major I mean MAJOR!! Last year, I wasn't really active in my makeup business, as I had other stuff pulling me left right and center, but hopefully and by God's grace that is going to change this year. so I hauled majorly to replenish my kit! One of the products I got is the BECCA EVER MATTE PORELESS PRIMER, and after using it on myself and some clients, I decided to do a review!

Okay, so this product is kind of awesome and hard to use at the same time! Because of what it does, and HOW effectively it does it, you have to be sure, DOUBLE sure of the skin you are applying it on.

 This primer is MATTE and it diminishes pores instantly! Because of its matte and drying tendencies, I'd say the dry skin gang should stay away from this.


Honestly, you shouldn't apply this all over the face. Just on the nose, carefully on the forehead, temples, cheeks and below the lips ( this is where most people get sweaty)

This is a really good product that I think every makeup artist needs to have. Because you will meet excessive oily skin especially in this part of the world. 
If you have really oily skin, and you have tried everything, M.O.M, Mehron No sweat, setting sprays, and you see oil on your face a short time, I'd suggest you try this!

WHERE TO BUY: ( BeautyKink is a Nigerian Online Beauty Store that offers Nationwide delivery, and cash on delivery within Lagos)

Has anyone used this product before? What do you think?! Please let me know in the comment box below


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  1. Wow! this product is on my 2015 wishlist tho! Now i'm tempted to get it asap! Thanks for the review!
    Oh i'm wondering can this be used underneath another primer since this is just for oily areas?

    1. yes it can. what I do is i apply a silicon based primer first, for the whole face, then I use this primer on those problem areas!

      thanks for stopping by

  2. How much does it cost? I've tried different types of primer and I gave up! I have super oily face.

    1. Its btwn 9-10k. if you have super oily skin, you might need to get this


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