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Hi guys! Happy Monday! 
Another review here today!

I am reviewing the  the Zaron Eclypse Lipstick in DUSK. Awnn! such gorgeousness
The Zaron Eclipse Collection is made up of about  shades i think, dawn, dusk, lunar, full moon etc
This is the shade that caught my yeah I got it!

This lipstick is  described is a plum shade..kinda like dark berry shine. This is an almost perfect dupe for MAC's REBEL! How nice

The pigmentation is not bad at all, as it is opaque. It has a not-too creamy finish, and not matte finish. It is creamier than a satin finish.Texture wise, it is soft and very easy apply. It doesn't sink into lines. Longetivity wise, this is also not bad, as it lasts for about than 3 hours. It does transfer though, so you are going to find it staining your cups if you do not blot or matte down

Another thing I do not really like about this, is that, after one hour or two, it becomes more glossy :o
like you applied lipgloss  all over. I don't know why!


I didn't really WOW over this ,well asides from the striking resemblance to MAC's Rebel which got me! Lol!
For about 1600, I wouldn't complain about these lip products. Longevity, texture, pigmentation are all on point, if you are looking for all these in your lip products, this is right up your street!

I have a video tutorial, with this Lip product in it, be sure to check back!*
Have you tried any of the Zaron Eclypse Collection Lipsticks? I would love to hear your feedback



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  1. Yea! I purchased the 'LUNAR' , Its a deep pink shade. I'm obsessed with it.

  2. lol becomes glossy after an hour I'm surprised! I spy your cheek what blush are you wearing? please :)

    1. haha! i have a video on this look! stay tuned

  3. The colour looks rich


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