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Hello again! 
This month is about to get real! I have acquired so much makeup in the last few months and I have not been sharing and doing reviews, due to laziness ! I have SO much to review! so much! 
anyway, back to the matter at hand, I'll be reviewing the LORAC PRO PALETTE and also showing you swatches of the shade. I made this into a video before, it took all of my time, and at the end of the day, I didn't like it, so I deleted it all! Smh. It be like that everytime sometimes.
OK on to the review
So I'll just say this, I haven't been excited about a product like I have been for this for a long time ( maybe my rosewater facial spray and black opal glimmer stick, and Nyke powder come close) but kai!! I love this stuff!

I swatched this a day before I eventually bought it, but I couldn't justify me buying it, so I didn't. Best believe, I dream't about it ( who else does this happen to? don't tell me I am psycho!). The next day I didnt waste time, I just went ahead to buy it! And I don't regret this a bit!

The LORAC PRO PALETTE has 16 shades in all, 8 mattes, 8 metallics! I would talk and talk but I would be incoherent in this review, so i'll just state it as matter-of-fact-ly as I can!

TEXTURE- SOFTEST I have ever seen/used.tested/swatched! EVER! No jokes. And I have swatched a lot: Urban Decay, Sugar Pill, Anastasia Beverley Hills etc etc they don't even come close.

PIGMENTATION: Extra pigmented without primer! I tormented some people with this palette at the Beauty Africa Expo, asking them to swatch w/o primer! It was fun to watch their "oohs and aahs" loool!

APPLICATION: It is very soft and  EASY to apply, and it doesn't not crease! Longevity too is amazing!

PACKAGING: It is slim and light: every makeup artist's dream! Some reviews indicated that their palettes fly open easily, but I haven't experienced this. 

SHADE SELECTION: I would not lie to you and tell you, you probably do not have these shades already. Infact for the metallics, Most of you will already have at least 4 out of 8. i have 7 out of 8 in other brands/palettes except from Deep Purple. But then I decided to still buy this because of the quality. quality trumps every other thing, even price, EVERYTIME!

I swatched all these shades without any primer, and they are all ONE swipe! ONE!
One of the shades that suprised me the most is the White Shade. White eyeshadows are just always so difficult, with their chalky texture...but this one blew my mind, so soft and pigmented.

 The Mettalics
The Mattes

I only wish the black shade were blacker as I am a sucker for very black eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara etc.

BeautyKink ( Delivery everywhere in Nigeria)

That's it guys!
I would definitely recommend this to anyone, makeup artist or not! Because this palette is great!
This palette made me a LORAC fan as I have since acquired their eye primer, face primer, lustre liquid etc. I'll have a review on those soon. Great brand I tell ya!

 Has anyone tried this palette or other LORAC products?! Oh do pray tell! 


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  1. I dream about makeup too! Good to know i'm not a weirdo >.<

  2. You tormented me too!
    I'm still gonna buy this palette....its too amazing for words!


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