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Hi guys!

 Today I have a review of the NYKE luminous foundation, another Nigerian brand which I discovered at the Beauty Africa Exhibition and conference..
               The joy it gives me to discover and review new Nigerian brands! *sigh*
So I was given this product for review at the Beauty Africa Exhibition Conference after I spoke with the lovely lovely lady at The Beautiful Paradise stand. I had never heard of it before so I was excited to try it out

The NYKE luminous foundation is a foundation that can be used dry or wet. Unfortunately the shade I was given , CLAIRE 200, is not my match, so I just use this product as a highlighter, and I have been enjoying it so far..

The powder/foundation applies as a powder when dry and as a full coverage foundation when wet. This product is very similar to the Iman Luminous foundation which I also have, and let me just say this here, the NYKE's texture is better than the Iman one. Mostly because the shimers in it are less harsh and the product its smoother and softer. Let us just say, I was really impressed with texture.
Longevity wise, i cant say much, because I only use this as a highlighter..over other products. I once tried it wet, to test coverage, and it covered real good. It covered up blemishes without concealer, which is pretty good! Obviously I didn't go out with it, because it is way lighter than me!

The packaging is pretty basic, and it comes with a sponge.. that nobody uses

NYKE luminous foundation shade

The image above shows the NYKE luminous foundation right above my blush, as you can see, the shimmers are really soft, and it just has a really lovely yellow glow to it. 
All in all, I really like this product, I will definitely cop my shade in it, if I get to test it. It is a really good product! Up Nigeria! Lol

NYKE Flawless Makeup Contact


Agege Motor Road (Bolade bustop), Oshodi
Block B Shops #B20-06 & B20-15
08098669559  08171878606  07082681296
Instagram: thebeautifulparadiseny

So that's it guys! Have you heard of or used NYKE Cosmetics?? Tell us about your experience in the comment box below !! I think the emerging Nigerian brands are pretty awesome! what do you think?? 
Tell us below!

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  1. Wow! What a great review and great blog!

  2. Lovely product. Very insightful review. It captures the essence of the product. Love it.

  3. It really looked nice on your face.

  4. never heard of them before but would love to try them out

  5. Yes shalewa the luminous foundation is everything you said and more ! Im loving it ! Currently using claire 100 itsbeautiful with a lovely golden yellow undertone .. Incase any one is interested we retail all 10 shades of the Luminous foundation range and we have testers too ! 😊 Bbm pin- 7F58EBAD


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