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Today I'll be reviewing two amazing products I found unexpectedly! Everyone knows how I love a good sheen or glow. My routine, with or without foundation is never complete without a good bronzer/ highlighter. That being said I was really overjoyed to have found these products! So let me get to it!

These products are the Black Opal Glimmer Sticks for face and body..
I had a photoshoot at a studio, ealier in the year, and unpacking my box, I realized that I had forgotten my wipes! Luckily for me there was a supermarket down the street, and I popped in there to get the wipes. I spotted their makeup section, and since there was little queue, I decided to check it (it is a problem sigh) 
I found these babies in a clearance basket as with some other Black Opal, Black Radiance and Milani products, and they immediately caught my eye. 
 *I searched online for these products after getting them, and I realized they had been discontinued


As the name suggest, this is a pure gold shade and I use this as a highlighter.


This is a copperish shade, suitable for either contour or a full cheek color!

And this is how they both look on my skin!

I absilutely love these products, as they sink well into the skin, making your skin glow from within as opposed to powder products that sit ON the skin. Because of these products I have been looking much more into liquid and cream bronzers, highlighters and illuminators.I have ordered for a few *covers face*, can't wait to show you guys when they get here!

Where To Buy: *discontinued
Price: N1000 each

So that's it guys! Have you ever useda cream bronzer or illuminator? If you have which ones??
If you haven't it, would you try it?? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment in the comment box below!


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  1. Funny thing is i have had them for a while and i love them especially for all over body glow, got them bt chance as well from someone selling discontinued Black Opal products. I also bought a Rimmel face and body luminizer which i add a drop or two into my Mary Kay foundation and it gives this beautiful glow. The downside is it has been discontinued ;(

    1. oh wow I am not alone! yet to try a liquid one, im sure they apply better than creams..



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