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Hello beauties! 
How is it going??
Even with some stubborn pimples and rashes trying to destroy my face, I can say that I am doing ok...thanks for asking lol

As you can tell I have a haul/review post today! Let's dive right into it

Truthfully, before this I have never owned any Inglot product. A few swatches here and there from stores, but I never really bought anything.
So when I saw that the store had finally opened, my thought was 'let's sha go and see, I kuku won't buy anything'  But I passed by on several occasions without really dropping by ( I go to The Palms Mall really frequently, really really.. , and I have never stepped foot inside the  MAC store!! I don't know the kind of hate-like relationship I have with that brand, lol)

Anyways, this store I stepped into and right there I knew it was a trap! I wasn't even expecting the Inglot here to have the Freedom System (i.e where you get to choose your shades/colors and customize your palette) so I knew I was in trouble.

See, I rarely buy anything in its original pot anymore, I buy the refillable pan eyeshadows, blushes, powders and even foundation. Because they are cheaper without the pan, and a custom palette can be built! yay Z palettes!! They really de-cluster your kit. 
Okay, right to the few things I got...


So I have been looking for a good gel liner. I lost hope in the MAC fluid line years back, because that thing dries up like immediately! Years later, just last year actually I decided to buy into the hype of the Wet n Wild Megalast eyeliner, and of course I was disappointed,1 I know many people swear by this eyeliner, but dried up and hardened in the pot  before I could even use 1/4 of it! And trust me, my makeup is the last thing I am careless with.

Anyway, I saw this at the Inglot store and the very helpful girl that attended to me swatched it for me. It looked good. I decided to buy it, skeptically. 
So far so good, this stuff isn't bad. I did a little search on Inglot while doing this post, not until then did I realize that this is a cult favorite that people really talk about. But then again Beauty World and unnecessary hype 'it applies on like a dream'  'you will get 5 hours out of it'  HAHA! We are all guilty of this!

This really goes on like dream, really soft and intense. Black! Not the blackest I have seen, but black! And this takes you through the whole day. IT.JUST.DOESNT.BUDGE.
I have to use it for a few more months to see if it dries up or nah, but I have been using this everyday and it hasn't showed any signs of drying up on me.

If this doesn't dry up, then it will be a WINNER! I would definitely repurchase IF IT DOESN'T DRY UP!


I decided to get a nude lipstick, and as soon as I saw this shade, it spoke to me!

This lipstick is matte, but reasonably matte. And oh I love the texture as well! It feels powdery but it doesn't tug at the lips! If you have extreme dry lips like mine, you would want to exfoliate well before wearing this lipstick, or any matte one at that. But overall, for dry lips like mine, this matte lipstick ticks all the right boxes,

The only problem I have with this product and brand is their numbering system.
No! you do not do anything like that, I can understand foundation, powder and concealer, but not with lipstick, lipgloss or blushes. USE A NAME. NAME your product urghh!! It is easy to say i have BM PRO REDD on, or MAC Candy yumyum or ZARON DUSK on, but not INGLOT 405! What is 405?? I think it is just plain lazy! 

Inglot Lipstick 405 swatch

This is a red toned blush. It is very similar to MAC's Frankly Scarlet which is one of my fav blushes ( yay MAC!)
For a long time I didn't understand why I would spend "a lot" on blushes when all those N200 blushes are also pigmented ( don't lie, you have tried them before!)
I later noticed that they apply well, but turn darker after a while. You know how cheap powders oxidize and make you darker than you are, after a long stay in the sun? yeah same thing with blushes. So since then quality >>>quantity

I have been applying my blushes with stippling brushes for about " weeks now and I must say I looove it! And this particular blush blends well into the skin as opposed to sitting on the skin.
I love this as well! I'm going back for a purple shade I fell in love with, but didn't want to buy just!

So that is all I got..for now! And I am loving them so far! No regrets whatsoever!

Where To Buy:

Inglot, (just next to shoprite)The Palms Mall V/I
Lipstick: N2800
Blush: 1800
Gel Liner: N2300

So have you tried any Inglot products? Tell us which and why you like them or not!
Kindly leave a comment below!!

I'll talk to y'all laters!

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  1. Lol! I said the exact same thing about naming their products in my latest post! I agree with the gel liner woes I have blacktrack and the wet n wild one and both have turned to stone �� blush looks fab. I have about 4 products purchased from the inglot store currently in the process of reviewing them.
    nice post! Xx

    1. Hopefully it doesn't dry out..if not i'll give up for life!! lol
      thanks for dropping by#xx

    2. I have their nail polish but yet to use it well to be able to review. You can also try Zaron Gel liner. I have dropped my maybelline kajal for it.

    3. To soften your gel products that have 'turned to stone', drop it in a cup of mildly hot water. It will return to its former texture.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That gel liner will definitely have my bucks!! Nice.

  3. just waiting howbeit impatiently for them to open their ibadan palms mall store so i get get reviewing too! lippie looks cool. ill definitely get one soon.

  4. Did the liner dry up after sometime of use?

  5. Did the liner dry up after sometime of use?


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