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I am always excited about reviewing and telling you guys about indigineous beauty brands. 
I was told about this brand at the just concluded Beauty Africa Exhibition and conference, by one of their reps and also I was given some of their products for review purposes. 
But before I start with the review, first  a little background about the brand BOLWIN.

About Bolwin Cosmetics.

Bolwin Cosmetics is the brainchild of Omowunmi Bolade. The compny strictly focuses on lip based products  like lipsticks, lipliners, lip pots, glosses etc because they believe there is no substitute to lip products. They have about 40-50 shades in the matte texture and also available in creamy and hi gloss textures. They say alll their products are long lasting and they contain vitamin e for healing and soothing of the lips. 

Ok on to the review!


I started off with the lipsticks, of course! I was given 4 shades, or better still I was given the opportunity to choose 4 shades, how nice! So I defintely chose shades I was interested in! Here goes..


So of course I had to choose a red lipstick! And since I am trying to cut down on matte lip products, I decided to choose this creamy once called Vixen

It is a blue toned red, not too bright and not too dark! 

bolwin vixen lipstick swatch

Oh boy! This is so pigmented! And the texture is extra smooth and very easy to apply. This lasted about 3-4 hours, and I had a red tint till the end of the day! 

Bolwin 375 vixen lipstick


I was really glad I chose this. This is a matter version of MAC UP THE AMP lipstick, and a creamier version of Zaron's TinkyWinky

I really really really love the texture of this one. It is matte but it doesn't feel dry

Bolwin Lipstick Instant Wow Swatch

The shade is a pure lilac color, not the scary pale light lilac color. I really love this, as it is already one of my favs and I have been wearing it a lot. This lasts more than the Vixen as it is matter. It isn't as easy to apply as the Vixen. I had to swipe about 4-5 times to get a full color payoff, but it was a smooth ride from there on out


This particular lipstick falls under the HI-GLOSS Range of Bolwin Lip products.  

This is a light brown/corally color, and i picked it because jumped at me. I was immediately thinking brown ombre combinations and also nude looks. I have been using this as well,  and as you can see from the picture, I broke off the lip one time like that, trying to get it quickly on my lips and dash out of the door...lool *restlessness*

This is more of a creme finish to me than gloss, because it has no shine shine to it, as you would expect with anything that has a glossy finish, rather its finish is that of a standard creme lipstick. It apllies VERY smoothly, and the color payoff is good as well. This did not last as long as the other lipsticks I got, but that is to be expected with most creme/glossy finishes. 


This kinda has the same finish and texture as the Vixen. It also my favourite lipstick out of the bunch, because NUUUDEEEE!

It is quite pigmented, applies really smoothly, and also lasts for a while without settling into lines on my lips

As you can see it a GORGEOUS nude shade, and trust me every girl needs a gorgeous shade of nude color!

TEXTURE & APPLICATION: Texture is superb. Application is also really good, asides from the Instant WOW which took a lot more effort, the other shades were easy to apply, and were very smooth

PIGMENTATION: I think the swatches tell it all. These are really good in terms of pigmentation, even the Nude colors covered really well as opposed to being really light and giving a ghost look. 

PACKAGING: Packaging is sturdy and feels strong. I like the fact that the products have been given names, as opposed to just numbers


So I got 3 lipglosses, PETAL, HELLO DOLLY, and BLACK CHERRY. They are non sticky lip glosses with a fair tint of color to them.


Blowin Lipgloss Petal- Swatch
Petal is a baby pink shade


Hello dolly is a gorgeous light brown shade. I have used it for a brown ombre lip color and it came put really nice! I put it just in the center of the lips!



I was expecting this shade to be darker, but it turned out a bit lighter than the pack, more of a bloody red shade
Bolwin Lipgloss- black cherry swatch

TEXTURE & APPLICATION: Texture is soft, thick and not sticky. No ororo or oyel  feel here! Application is good as the lip glosses are soft and easy to apply 

PIGMENTATION: asides from the Hello Dolly  which was pigmented, I think the others fell short for me in terms of pigmentation. I know lip glosses are pretty light, that's why I am naturally not a fan. For lip gloss fans, I guess you will find that the pigmentation is ok just like, standard lip glosses. 

PACKAGING: Packaging is really simple but sturdy.

I alsolutely loove these lip pencils! They are quite pigmented, and the ones I chose are actually matte.  They have other shades of pencils that are creamier. I also use matte lip pencils as lip colors, and they last really really long! They kinda remind me of Black Opal Pencils. Good stuff!


This is a soft shade, really gorgeous if I might add..


I have finally found another lip pencil suitable for my MAC Cyber! and probably the Sleek flash A pout in DUKE! I used to a Fashion Fair pencil for my MAC Cyber but it has been discontinued, and finding another prefect shade has ben a struggle! But here came this baby!! yaga!! 

I wore this out alone the other day, and the lady at the bank asked me what lipstick I was wearing! she was really surprised when I said it is a lip pencil and also a Nigerian product!
In the swatch below, I applied it a s a lipliner and blended it lightly in to the inner lips
BOLWIN lip pencil in deep plum

TEXTURE & APPLICATION: Texture is matte. Application is good. I was very impressed with the way it applies seeing as matte pencils sometimes could be difficult

PIGMENTATION:Very pigmented and they lasted really long

PACKAGING: The lip pencils didnt have the brand name BOLWIN on them, which I think is, you know not a very good thing. Products must always represent a brand, and not get lost in other piles of pencils or be anonymous. 


Bolwin Lipliner in Black Plum and Bolwin Lipstick in Instant Wow topped with Bolwin Lipgloss in Petal

Bolwin Lipliner in Deep Plum +  Bolwin Lipstick in Buuny + Bolwin Lipgloss in Hello Dolly

 I must commend the founders of BOLWIN cosmetics as I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their products. Also it is always a good thing to see female Nigerian Entrepreneurs who are trying to add value, in this tough and sometimes unconducive  Nigerian market. I personally look forward to more collections from Bolwin Cosmetics as I think this is an excellent brand. ALL the products have found their way into  my professional kit as well as personal kit!


So that's it guys! Have you herad of or used Bolwin Cosmetics?? Tell us about your experience in the comment box below !! I think the emerging Nigerian brands are pretty awesome! what do you think?? 
Tell us below!

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  1. Lovely review, I love how detailed you are....Never heard of the product, would love to try them out looks really nice.

  2. You are Fantastic!!! so glad you Love Bolwin Cosmetics

  3. They were at the fair??! I didn't see them *sad face*
    Anyway, their products looks really nice. I love the 'Black plum' pencil and the 'Instant wow' lippy.

    1. They didnt have a stand love I met with a rep.

  4. I like the black cherry as I'm a lipgloss fan.. the vixen lipstick looks good too. Nice review


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