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Today's post is a review on one of my favorite brands. I have so much to review, as per new haul, so i'll be doing them one after the other.

The BDELLIUM 4PC YELLOW BAMBU FOUNDATION BRUSH SET is a set that contains brushes mainly for foundation/concealer application. Think something similar to the Real Techniques Core Collection.
Bdellium brushes as we all all know ( well if you don't, WAKE HUP! read my review on the 10pc set  HERE) are eco-friendly makeup brushes vegan soft synthetic bristles. The Yellow Bambu series are made of bamboo and ll of the synthetic filaments used in the Green/Yellow Bambu series are not treated with an antibacterial agent. unlike the other brushes in the Bdellium range. 

Yes! These brushes are brriigghhht!! I love the color!
But then again , we are not here for the color, so let us get down to business.


A finishing brush to me, brings everything together. Applying powder, blending powder and dusting off excess products. These brushes can also be used to blend liquid and cream foundation and blushes, but I prefer using them with cream products

The bristles on this brush are extremely soft and fluffy. They are not stiff at all, so you might not be able to use this to stipple your foundation in, just blending.


Ever since I fell in love with ELF studio small stipple brush, I have been looking for something similar but with softer and more quality bristles. This brush was the major reason I purchased this set.#

The bristles are evenly and precisely cut and it does a fab job at applying liquid and cream foundation and even concealer under the eye.


If you read my previous review on Bdellium 10pc brush set (if not, read HERE) I already raved about the 957 precision kabuki in that set.

This has a shorter handle and makes packing/travelling really easy. I find that this brush buffs foundation and bronzer likenothing I have seen. It is a complete flat top brush and very dense.


I had to touch this brush first before purchasing this product, just to be sure this was going to have any usefulness. I cannot remember the last time I found this type of foundation brush useful. The foundation brush shaped like this in the Real Techniques Core Collection Set is a bit too small and fluffy for me, so when i tried out this one I was pleased with the result.

 BUT I don't know if I'm going to be using this brush much, I just do not fancy these stiff foundation brushes.

So there!

CONCLUSION: I love this brush set! Not just for the color! Bristles are soft, handles are sturdy. Typical Bdellium goodness.

BUY THIS: If you want to up your foundation routine and get good application EASILY: if you want small compact brushes to fit in your daily makeup bag or travel case ; if you are a makeup artist in search of good foundation brushes to help with application on your clients.

WHERE TO BUY: Did you know that BeautyKink ( is an official retailer of Bdellium Tools here in Nigeria and Africa? Yep! So you can buy this brush set and other genuine Bdellium Tools brushes HERE

That's it guys! For  budding makeup artistes, my next post is for you! MAKEUP ARTIST 101 is back! Make sure you come back and check :D. you can get instant updates on posts and other side stuff I dont post on the blog on my social media : Instagram: Olumakeovers, Twitter @olumakeovers and Facebook: Olumakeovers

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