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Hello guys!
Like play like play September ends today, and we move into the LAST quarter of 2014! 
It feels unreal.

Anyways today's post is going to show you guys the products I enjoyed using through August/September.
Let's get into it!

                                          SLEEK CREME LIPSTICK- LIQUEUR

                   I was gifted this by Sleek Studios sometime in May/June I think. I never really used it that much until August. I took this on vacation with me and it was what I used almost everyday.

 It is a pretty nude shade with little bit of gold reflectors. It applies smoothly and lasts well for a creme product

                                      IMAN LUMINOUS FOUNDATION IN EARTH 5

I absolutely love this stuff. But I do not use it as a foundation. It is actually a powder product, that can be used wet to give you the coverage of a foundation. I do not know how to use this wet, it usually ends up so messy on my face! 

 So I use this as an all over glow powder. I used to have an all-over glow powder from Fashion Fair, and this is just as good. I use it on my forehead, apple of my cheeks and my chin sometimes. I also use it all over my face, then apply a tinted moisturizer for a really glowy sheen. I love it.


I did a review of this product HERE so I wont ramble much. This is my go to powder at the moment!

BDELLIUM TOOLS 955 finishing brush

I use this brush to apply the aforementioned  Iman Powder as well as other shimmery
 products/ It applies them lightly without over applying, if you get what i mean..lol


I did a review of Lilalli sometime ago, check HEREif you missed it .

The Modern Times ashade is a gorgeous burnt bronze color I use on my cheeks for contour or as cheek color itself, depending on the color scheme I am working it. This and my Iman Luminous foundation gives me all the shine shine I can get!

This shade really compliments my dark shade, and I am glad it came with the parcel I was given by Lilalli. I really love it!


I came across this brand when I was vacation. and I wanted to buy all the Icing face brushes I saw, I just had to comport myself and I got " face brushes and one double ended eye brush. I should do a review, because they are amazing!

I use this to apply poweder, foundation and blend bronzers and blushes. I like how dense it is! And it is verrry soft. Right now I regret not picking up thir BIG FLUFFY POWDER brush!


This wash REALLY REALLY cleanses deep. Even without astrigent, your skin feels clean. It also washes makeup easily! Like really easily. Best of all, It doesn't dry out the skin, even with the salicylic acid it contains. This replaced the Tea Tree Wash I used to use, as continuous use of that used to dry out my skin. I have been using this since August and no, it doesn't dry out my skin! And it is cheap too! I posted a pic on my instagram page, I thought I had found this was here in Nigeria, on getting home and look at the two, I realized they were two completely different products! lol!  Now I have exhausted this and I don.t know what to do. Help me :(


I have used a lot of scrubs in my life! But I think this it IT for me! Last bus stop until...
This scrub scrubs well and leaves your face feeling moisturized, soft and supple. I had to look at the ingredient list again to make sure it did not contain mineral oils, But then again, Clarins is a brand after my heart. We have been on this journey together for almost 8 years, and I really trust them!

Most of their stuff work really well for me! Really well. They could be expensive but....they work. And for me, that's all that matters. As long as I can afford it, I won't think twice.


I definitely  need to do a review on this one. This one of those products I just refused to believe the hype and stay away from. But I finally succumbed.This stuff is amazing guys! Like really amazing

I use it to blend my under eye concealer and also the edges of my face makeup. into my hairline. I love it!
If you have been doubting as well, try it! It is a bit costly for ordinary small foam, but it is not just an ordinary small foam, it is amazing!!

So that;s it guys! Anything on the list that caugh your eye? or that you have used before?? please do share!! I also want to know what your favs at the moment are!! Use the comment box below!!

Till later!

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  1. Now u'r making add stuffs to my wish list.. lol.. Clarins products chaii the $$ ehn.. I'll try to close one eye and buy this.. :)

  2. I have been avoiding that beauty blender mostly because of the price, but if you say it is good, I believe you! I hope to find the black as well

    love your blog

  3. I buy the Neutrogena at Poise(Ikeja mall). You can actually find it in supermarkets too but after buying an expired one from a supermarket once, I now stick to buying from Poise

  4. I'm surprised you haven't found Neutrogena around. its EVERYWHERE! Just stay clear of fakes. Like Jen said, you can check Poise @ Ikeja. or also Health Plus or MedPlus pharmacies.

    1. Thank you guys! I'll try Poise. The ones I have been seeing around is not particularly the one pictured above, I also got one off Healthplus thinking it was the the same thing :(


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