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Hello guys!
Welcome back from the long break!! How many of you missed working?? hehehe *covers face* Workaholic Anonymous!

I am continuing with the Makeup Artist 101 series, response last time was good (check here for last post in this series) so I decided to do this post

This was going to be a very very very long post, so I decided to divide it into categories, like tools, face, lips etc..
Today we will be starting off with ACCESSORIES, which will include makeup storage
Let's get started!

So first things first, you will need a place to store all your makeup, especially if you are freelance, which is how most of us start will need a very GOOD MAKEUP BOX!
The first piece of advice i'll give is, stay AWAY from the aluminium boxes...most of them look like this...

This is from experience. Most times people go for the  5 layered boxes because.....well I do not know why, i also did the same thing but I do regret it. Truth is you cannot take these tall boxes anywhere!  Asides from that, most of them, even the expensive ones are low quality and they give way so easily, their locks come off, handles as well, at the end of the day, it just really a mess..
My advice is to go for the fabric boxes, which look like this

Because they are made of soft fabric, they are not so rigid and they do not scratch, they are easier to take on travels, either by road or by air ( me no know about water: boat abi The brand that I plan on getting really soon is THE STILAZZI- The Godfather
Sooo many compartments, cup brush holder,plastic trays, transparent bags etc.. It is actually  a combination of the other STILAZZI bags: The Groupie and Gone Topless (with wheels). It costs $550= N95000.. it costs a lot, but good things do not come cheap, and I've learned many times, painfully so that quality will forever trump quantity so it is better to save and buy the good stuff once and for all, than buying crappy stuff like 3 times over and over. By the time you buy one crappy stuff for e.g $200, you might need to replace it every year, and at the end of the day it will cost you more than the good stuff.

THE ZUCA is another favorite among the professionals. The Zuca brand is a specialty brand that deals in high quality bags. They also have special bags for makeup artists, bags for flying etc. This is usually the first choice, if you want to STEP UP your game! They do not come cheap, THE FLYER ARTIST which is one of the types they carry, comes at $355=N62000. chayii!

If these prices are scary, not to worry there are soft cases bags that are usually unbranded that cost from $180-$300, most of them are usually like this.  Also House of Tara also has their own soft case makeup case btwn N40,000-50,000 (not so sure of the price currently) which I have seen and I think it is sturdy enough.
The Stilazzi and Zuca should be in stock by the end of August on but if you are in a hurry (*rme*) Giftys Daughter stocks Zuca and Stilazzi as well as other brands!


I think set bags are very important. Especially on sets where you'll have to change locations a lot, or dirty dirty sets. If you are on an open s[ace set, with sand and grass, and it rains, with all the mess, you'll certainly not want to drag your makeup box on the ground! that is here set bags come in, they are usually portable and you can carry them hand bags.

I prefer the transparent ones because you can easily tell 'what is where' at any point in time. Most of them range between $40- $100 depending on the quality and the brand. The see through large set bag is available on for just N8500 (currently on sale!) Don't sleep on it! You can also purchase other set bags from MUD cosmetics, like the one in the picture above

Zebra - Large Eyeshadow Palette

The only thing I hate about empty palettes is the fact that I did not discover them EARLIER! since I discovered them, I have been obsessed! I always want to depot something all the time! You may not understand why you'll need to depot your products, and separate them from their original package as a starter but, I guess you'll come to see the need later on.
For example, in the Z Palette below, I have all the colors from ALL my SLEEK PALETTES that I use regularly. All these colors came from about 9 palettes! Imagine before I had to depot, carrying about 9 palettes of sleek eyeshadow around, just for a few colors, and the worst part was that, i'd still have other eyeshadow palettes to carry along! Now all I do is carry my pink z palette and I know I'll be fine on set!
Trust me, you need this!!

Same thing I need with my BEN NYE empty palettes, I depotted differnt brands of blushes into one palette and this is all I need to carry in my box, save my milani baked blushes and the sleek 3-in-1 blushes.
The 28 empty eyeshadow palette I got from Morphe Brushes holds all my transition colors, crease and highlight colors. I habe different brands in there, black opal, morphe, mac, fashion fair, milani etc

The VUESET palette (right) holds my most used shades of cream foundation, mostly black opal and Iman foundations. The one of the left is a Cinema Secret  empty palette in which I have my favorite concealers: MAC studio sculpt, Milani secret cover and Black Opal stick concealers

Empty palettes do not just help you conserve space and de-clutter your makeup box, they also save you TIME! You already know where your MAC shadowy Lady eyeshadow is if you want to do a dark crease, you know it is with your palette that has all your crease colors, transition etc, you get to do your transition, contouring, highlighting with one palette instead of bending over into your box so many times! same with foundation palettes: you want to highlight the nose, you do not need to bend over to look for a highlight shade, it is already in the foundation palette you used for the whole face! I can go on and on, but base line is, it makes your work and life easier!
Also it prevents petty people from stealing your stuff! yes, people steal makeup artists' stuff. At the end of the day when you are packing, you might not notice that your Black Opal cayenne blush is gone, till you get home, but if it were in a palette with other blushes, you would notice instantly that your blush palette is gone and you can start shouting ole ole ole immediately! ah!! (I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to steal one whole palette though) So yeah, every makeup artist needs empty palettes! Enough said.
Vueset palettes, BEN NYE empty palettes, Cinema Secret Empty Palettes and Z palettes are available for purchase on

That's all I have got now under storage!! The next post in this series will be on Accessories 2:  Hygiene and Disposables, before we move on to the main products! I hope at least one person learned something from this!

If you want to see more of the MAKEUP ARTIST 101 series, kindly leave a comment below! If you have any suggestions, questions or comments about this topic, do not hesitate to leave a comment below as well!

Thanks for reading as always!

Your Comrade in Beauty,


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  1. Passions Makeovers30 July, 2014

    How I wish I saw this post earlier on,abt 2wks ago,just bot my aluminium makeup box from ebay uk,getting it delivered by a friend in some days. *sheds tears*,lol.would av just saved to buy the better one. Anyways,thanks shalewa,missed u so much after a long while,posts are important pls,much love.

    1. Aww! Not to worry , you'll still find good use for it.
      I have missed y'all too *hugs*

  2. fantastic post....weldone boss. hope you do not mind if we share the link to this post on

    1. Share on comrade!
      Thanks for reading xx

  3. So good to have you back .

    1. thank you!! thank for reading as always!


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