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Hello bellas!
How's it going?!
Like play like play, we are already into the 2nd half of the year, how far all the new year resolutions? *side eye* Loool 
I have kept less than 40% of mine, but its a start, seeing as I never do. 
So if you haven't, you can start now, we still have 6 months left! If I can do about 29% , I believe anybody can do that as well! Amen?? Amen! 

For the next 6 months I' m hoping to pay more attention to this blog *rolling eyes* yes I am serious!

Anyway, today's post is a makeup look . I was at the BM PRO shop, and my eye caught this eyeshadow called lace, I tested it and it was lovely and I thought it would go well with the long lasting lipgloss in Hawthrone. But the eyeshadow was out of stock. So I went back home, and rummaged up this one. Unfortunately, it has no name. It was in a refillable pan, and for the life of me, couldnt remember the name, where I bought it, when I bought it and WHY I bought it! *phissh* It be like that 

Anyway, I don't have BMPRO Hawthrone as well, because, I don't buy anything extremely matte anymore ( that's a half lie, because I just got the BM PRO REDD for myself-perks of ha! so amazing) so I decided to mix the Tara Funke Lipcolor and Tara Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown. Let's just say I am addicted to this combo.

Tara Funke Lip color is a deep red without the orange undertones. I do not know why, I cannot stand the bright reds anymore. the Lady Danger, Pure Reds, Ruffian Red etc are all taking a break...

So long story short, that's how I came up with this look.  I think it is really suitable for a lot of things..

                                                               PRODUCTS USED


Revlon Photready Foundation in Mocha
Ben Nye Powder in Tanzania for face, Caramel for highlight and Americano for Contour
Tara Bronzer in Dark for cheeks and bridge of nose
MAC blush in Frankly Starlet, Sleek Blush by 3 in Flame


Brandless eyelid color :(
Black opal Eyeshadow in Port for transition
Black Opal Cayenne Blush for transition
Morphe Eyeshdaow- Black for outer corner 
Creme Human Hair Lashes in 415
Wet n Wild Megaeyes Creme Liner in black 
Sleek Eyebrow stylist for eyebrows
Black opal concealer in Toast to highligt the Brows


Tara Eyebrow pencil in Dark brown, all over the lips
Tara Matte Lip color in Funke, all over the lips

Yeah, that's it. Guys remember, the Sleek eyebrow stylist, creme human hair lashes.
, Tara Beonzer, Ben Nye powders, Sleek blush by 3, all Tara products, BM PRO and a while lot of juicy stuff are all available for purchase on Delivery is nationwide and you can also pay cash on delivery as well! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Till later..

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  1. Can I get the dermablend range on beautykink? If no can you get it in stock please. Ciao

    1. I stock Dermablend foundations&powder

  2. Anonymous09 July, 2014

    Is really good

  3. abs gorg i jus love the eyes its very wearable

  4. The lips kinda looks like 'Forbidden' lipstain. Lovely look!

    1. Ikr! Been eyeing the Forbidden but, it might be too matte for me.

      Thanks for reading x

  5. will deginitely work on that! thanks for stopping by x


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