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Hello bellas!  
Today's post is a work post.

I had the opprtunity to make Bolaji look glam for her big day!  It was a lovely experience and as usual, I learned a lot. I try to do that on every job and take something new away

Check out the pictures..

So I got to her hotel that morning, and yes there was a huge boil on her eyelid waiting for me. This definitely posed some problems, as boils can be very painful. Someone even suggested we skip eyeshadow, lol I was like "lailai not on my watch" . So she sat through it all, it wasnt easy, boils could be annoying! But I'm glad she did

So I went for a bronzy glowy skin, simple glowy eyes and an ombre lip. I also did a blue color water line to compliment her beautiful blue gele. My graftobian Hd foundation palette keeps amazing me. The color match on Bolaji was amazing

We didnt have much time  but we managed a different lip color for her white gown

Some pictures from her pre wedding shoot we did months ago

Thank you Bolaji for trusting Olumakeovers on your big day! Here's to a happy and great home! And thank you my readers for always stopping by :*


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  1. She's really beautiful.
    Well done Sally:)

  2. She looks fantastic, you did such a good job. I pray her marriage is even more beautiful.

  3. Lovely piece, kudos Salewa.

  4. Her look is just normal,to me,sh looks more beautiful in her prewedding fotos than in her traditional and white wedding fotos....secondly,the lipstick looks so odd on her,nt attractive one bit tho,,,dis ȋ̝̊̅ڪ my humble opinion and i hope U̶̲̥̅̊'ll receive it in gud faith.....

  5. Hello Thelma,i think she's supposed to look normal,not abnormal. Bolaji looked flawlessly radiant with the makeup on whilst still looking like Bolaji before Oga Oko would start asking 'has anyone seen my bride'?

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  7. Pls which eyebrow did you use for her? I v the same complexion with her and v been having problems with my eyebrow shade. I want to go with strictly pencil. Wt do u think of sleek n wt shade. Tnx so much. U r doing a grt work! - Folasewa


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