3:20 pm

Hello guys!

Today I have a makeup post for ya!
It is a whole lot of purple and fuschia pink.
I hate pink, I'm in love with purple so  i guess there is a balance, lol

For this look, I went for an icey kind of finish, not matte, but shiny. I went heavy on the blush ( this is maybe because I am crazy about this new BMPRO blush I just got in Purple, I'll have a review up soon.

Also i'll have to say that im going a little crazy with ladhes these days! I really really love them, the way they transform your eyes from ok to glam in seconds in just amazing!

Also I decided to go bold and matchy on the eyes as well as on the lips. We are girls, we can do anything we want...*looks away*


Fashion Fair Creme To Powder in
Milani Multitasker Face Powder in Deep Amber ( buy here)
BMPRO Blush in Eggplant
Milani Golden Stripes Bronzer for cheeks and bridge of nose
Revlon Photoready concealer in Medium for brows
MAC eyebrow pencil in spiked ( buy here)
Zaron Brow Definer (buy here)

BM PRO Gel eyeshadow base (buy here)
ELF eyelid primer (buy here)
Stargazer Pigment Eyeshadow Pink
Glazzi Eyeshadow palette (purple)
Wet n Wild Gel Eyeliner (buy here)
REd Cherry Lashes110 (buy  here)

Black Opal Lip Pencil in Vintage Port
Black Opal Lip pencil in Tantalize
Tara Lip Pencil in Takuere
Tara Lip pencil in Adere

That's it guys!
Have a great weekend!!

Salewa xx

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  1. I have to admit that I'm not usually a fan of fuchsia lips, but your lips in these pics matches so perfectly! Your eyes, perfection, how long where you blending for??

  2. haha! not that long. the eyeshadows were very blendable! xx

  3. Beautiful! Love love love the lip colour,the lashes on the other hand,wow! You really like them long :) ♥ ♥

  4. Shally you owe me a tutorial oh:) cause this to too glamorous

  5. Perfect blend. I love the colours. And your pictures are so nice. What camera do you use?

  6. Lovely!

  7. You are such a good blender*kisses* can I use a fusia pink gele with dz kinda makeup?


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