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See, I have ALWAYS had this opinion, and infact insisted on it that BM PRO products ( by top bridal makeup artist Banke Meshida) are expensive.
But when Beautykink (which is the online store )decided to accommodate more indigenous brands, I decided to try it out. Honestly, I was kind of surprised at the pricing and the quality of the products. Lipsticks were retailing for N2200,, i always thought they were around N4000 or something like that. I picked up some items for personal use... 

Everyone knows this product, if you do not, wake up!! Banke Meshida herself mad this product popular as seen on her many clients, especially the shade in REDD. It got sold out on the store in less than a week, and we get calls EVERYDAY asking when it will be back in store. 
Anyhoos I got mine in Peony which is a gorgeous purple shade because im kinda obsessed with purple lip colors right now

Now this is the easiest liquid lipstick I have used ever. It is soft and easy to apply. It is very pigmented too, and a little goes a long way. It survives all the snacking and drinking and eating, hence the name, LONG LASTING!  Great stuff.
Do I enjoy wearing this lipstick? No. Why? Because it is very very very bad for my DRY lips.Generally, you should moisturize your lips before using this, as with every matte lip color, but my lips are on another dimension, so I have stopped using matte lip colors all together. I now have to gout out with ororo looking lips which I detest, but hey, better than chapped lips


Now this a really good matte lipstick. It is matte but not drying. And it doesnt sink into lines.  Pigmentation, texture and staying power is top notch, but the application is not as easy an smooth as it should be.
I picked up Cranberry in this which is also a purple shade, but with underlying fuschia tones.
If you are looking for a matter version of MAC Rebel, this is close enough.

This somehow has become an everyday lipstick, with a little gloss over it *rolling my eyes*. I think I have moved on from my obsession with Red and now it is purple. ALL shades of purple.
Gorgeous shade huh?

This is an intense navy blue shade that jumped out at me. Immediately I saw it I thought about smokey eyes. Now because this product is matte i tend to use it to smoke out edges and create transitions, because matte eyeshadows are not the easiest to work with. Most times I tend to avoid using black for smokey, well because it is a no this blue shade is a good alternative. You can also use it to line the under gives you bomb eyes! really.
The eyeshadow pans are bigger than the normal eyeshadow pans, bigger than mac single eyeshadows so you get a lot of product.


Yes purple again! For a looooonnng time I have been looking for a matte purple blush EXACTLY like this.
Most times when I buy purple blushes, they never turn out to be what I expected, shade wise and texture wise. But this is a bomb product! See anytime I wear purple lips I use this blush then add a bronzer for warmth and it really comes out stunning. Clean eyes, contour with this blush, dark purple lips....yes bomb!  I used it in this post.....
Imagine this shade on a yellow pawpaw! Ah lovely!


This is my first Gel Eyeshadow Base so i was quite intrigued by it.
The first time I used it was a total mess but I knew there had to be another way. So i decided to use a smaller quantity and I let it dry a little before applying my eyeshadow and Voila! the eyeshadow popped. 
The main thing about this base is that it makes the eyehadow stay put for a looooonnnnggggg time. If you get the application right, you will find that, taking off your eyeshadow will require extra Love this stuff! Nice one!


Now if you buy makeup as much as I do, or a lot, you will have learned that sometimes the product does not correlate with its name. HD this, MIRACLE that.....all na marketing! Lol so when I saw this one, I was like "hmm wo tun ti gbede o" But I later undertood the "face creator"  part

Now this product is simply a lovely creme foundation with a great tone/undertone. Now let me explain what I mean. Years back I learned from Ewar (God rest her soul) about the incredibly gorgeous warmth that Mary kay 607 gives to most dark foundation shades. You will never find me on a job without that shade 607. And I think most people will agree that Mary Kay foundation has one of the best color/shade system for Nigerian ladies. Anyways, I always wanted a shade with so much yellow for myself. Its been long I went foundation shopping, and the ones i have now are darker than my undertone, so when I sweat I look burnt lool. I add this as a base, sparingly, then use my revlon photoready in mocha (which is reddish). The red and the yellow undertones just give me a glow that is beauuttiful. Lol I cannot explain it

This shade is in dark, but my lightning that day was a bit off and it looks so much yellower than it really is. This product is pigmented enough to be used as a concealer for not so seriuos blemishes, and as a creme foundation, or as a corrector/creator like I do and as the name suggests. I really really really love this stuff. Did I mention that it comes in two finishes? matte and cream. So the choice is yours really!

Overall, I think BM PRO has done a great job with her line of products, I also hear that the foundation primer is amazing..I have too many primers for now, so ill try that later...( man no go come die ontop beauty) lool. Packaging is sleek as well, the lipsticks are really similar to mac lipsticks packaging, so are the blushes *side eye* 
Would I repurchase, yes.. the blush, the gel eyeshadow base, cranberry lipstick and the face creator for shizzle!! 

BeautyKink is an authorised retailer of BM PRO products, you can check it out HERE, we do nationwide delivery!

So who has tried any BM PRO products? How did the babies do? Let us know in the comment box below!

Thank you for reading as always!
Ciao bellas

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  1. Will definitely try out some of these products

  2. Anonymous01 June, 2014

    I got me the foundation, powder and a nude lip gloss. The powder I certainly won't be re purchasing. But the rest can pass

  3. I never ask for the price of BM pro products because I also have the notion that they are expensive. I don't know from where if you ask me


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