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Hello guys! It has been a while, I know *covers face* 
I was going to write an epistle about how I decided to take a small break, change in blog look blabla but I guess that is for another post.
Today I am introducing to you guys LILA'LLI ! 
New brand review?? oh yes! I have missed doing this!
Lila'lli is a British multi-functional cosmetic brand by Nigerian Cosmetic Scientist Amina Ajayi. Lila'lli offers a range of multi-functional colour cosmetics that combines everyday core essentials with bold colours and high quality formulations. This means that the range is all about multi-functionality; using a single product for multiple applications and finishes. For example, their LINE DEFINE FILL which are pencils can be used as eye pencils and lip pencils and lip sticks! So basically, one product has many uses.

So I was contacted by this company from the UK via BeautyKink to set up a meeting. They are looking to launch into the Nigeria market, and also get retailers/stockists for their brand. I met with Amina herself and she explained to me that Lila'lli is a niche brand, just like OCC or Sugarpill and they wanted specific carriers for their products.
Anyways, she walked me through the product and explained what the brand was about, which was kind of refreshing. these days you just get people that want you to REVIEW their products without them really knowing what the brand is about.

Long story short, I was gifted with these amazing babies for review and consideration and here is the rundown of the particular products I received.


I received these two pencils in  Detour (Teal Green) and Shame (Red). The pencils are pigmented and they apply easily. They even dry matte!! So getting a matte bright red is easy without the color seeping into lip cracks!I used the Detour as an eyeshadow, though it was a bit hard to apply all over the eyelid, and it turned out well without creasing. (pics below)


I also received two shades of their Pigment Infusion in Modern Times and Graffiti
L-R Modern Times, Graffitti
 These are some products!! The Pigment Infusion can be used as eyeshadows, blushes, bronzer, lipcolor, highlighting and contouring. The products are pigmented and also soft. The metallic one I got, Modern times applied like a,dream while the matte one was not as easy to apply. However it applied well as a blush as opposed to an eyeshadow!


The lip collision I was happy to have received. I hate cluster, I really do. so when I got a lipstick combined with a lip gloss in the same tube and in the SAME SHADE, I kinda said a silent prayer for Lila"lli lol. Probably makeup artistes will understand, sometimes you want that exact lip, matte color in a glossy finish! This just works! and the good thing is the lipsticks are VERY VERY pigmented. One swipe and you can see the opacity already. I got two shades in Audrey and Eva Marie
Eva Marie

The Eva Marie went straight into my pro kit because I rarely use pink...rarely, but Audrey! Ah it is a paleish nudish  pink, similar to MAC snob but more wearable alone because it is more subtle. I have been using this since I recieved it as an everyday lipstick and I'm loving it so far. Sometimes I even use the lipgloss! surprisingly so as I also do not like gloss! It is really good! 


I got the eyelashes in II-28. When I had a sit down with Amina I was shown other eyelashes style and they looked good, so I was eager to use this ( besides I have to do a post soon about my new obsessions, I can't get enough of eyelashes). I didn't like these at all, Don't know if it is the style but they felt so heavy and they were pulling down my eyelids. Im hoping I get to use other styles just to be sure if it is the style or the quality of the lashes, because I already like this brand!

Anyway I did a look (hurriedly) with all the products I got..

I used the Detour Pencil as an eyecolor on my entire eyelid and use the Pigment Infusion as a crease color as well as a transition color. I must say the pencils are really good!

I also used the pencil mixed with the same pigmen infusion color to create a purple color I used in my waterline. I used the Pigment Infusuion in Modern Times as a bronzer and cheek color. This one went straight into my personal makeup stack, I just bronzers a lot. Reminded me of one of my all time fav cheek colors  Mary Kay Mineral cheek color in Golden Copper. I used the LINE DEFINE FILL in shame to line my lips and filled it with the Eva Marie and Audrey Lip Collision.

And then I found a sweet recipe for a pale pink lip suitable for brides, smokey eyes and somewhat nude lips. I used the Zaron Lip pencil in Brick Chick, Lila'lli Lip collision in Audrey and House of Tara Matte Lip color in Zakka! I really really love this!

So that;s it guys! All I can say is I ant wait for Lila"lli to be in Nigeria. The multifunctional angle is one that trips me, lol and the products are of good quality. Packaging is top notch, quite better than some the Indigenous ones we have currently. Thumbs up to Lila''lli! Nigeria cannot wait to have you!! 

Kindly share our thoughts in the comment box below, I always love to get your feedback!

Blushes and Kisses!

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