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Hello my people!! 
Everyday everyday I say to myself at the beginning of the day, I have to post on the blog. But after working all day, no strength left to do makeup, take like 200 pictures, edit, compose a post, wait for the spoilt banana we call internet here In Nigeria to upload pics etc... by the time I think of all these things, im already snoring. *sigh* It hasnt been easy at all. The online store has been taking 99% of my time (y'all do not want to know the stress
Even I Have been feeling bad, because this blog and OlúMakeovers now seem like the neglected first born, social media 2nd born, new online store, last born (for now hehe)...and we all know which of the children enjoy most! #teamlastborn *batting eyelashes* 

*oh and I have an exciting annoucement down this post* Heyyy!! Come back and look at the pictures first, dont just scroll down!! Ha! you pipu!!
Today's post is a makeup post, with the title you already know what it is! This look is full on glitter!

On the eyes I used gold and red glitter dust from Mehron, you havent seen glitter finer than this, I assure you.
I wish i could have shown you guys the techniques I used to blend my glitters together, because glitter or not, I hate flag eye look..I always blend, sometimes to a fault. I am still working on my video channel, these things take strength!

Can you guys see the massive break out on my face. STRESS!! Infact right now as I type, I have two boil looking pimples on my face. One is underneath my eye, and it so large, it looks like an agbero punched me in the eye. I am not even kidding.
And then there is another one under my lip that looks like I went to pierce my lip under Ojuelegba bridge. I dont even know what to do again.

Anyways, acne or not, I still have to do what I have to do right? Ah, the love of makeup
Then for the lip I used a red lipliner coupled with a fire orange red lipstick. Both Nigerian Products! How cool is that!!

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Mocha and Mahogany, 
Caramel for highlight.
Ben Nye Mohave pressed Powder in Americano
Ben Nye Ebony Translucent powder.
Black Opal Face Highlighter in Gold
Mac Blush in Frankly Scarlet
Zaron Eyebrow Definer for cheeks
Mac Eyebrow Pencil in Stud
Milani Sunset strip bronzer for bridge of nose.

Mehron Glitter Dust in 24 Karat and Dynamite
Mehron Intense Pigment Eyeshadow in Carbon (the blackest eyeshadow in the world!)
Red Cherry Human hair lashes in 747L
Mac Technakohl kajal liner in black 

Zaron Red Vines Lipliner
Tara Matte Lip Color in Sabo.


Ok annoucement 1; if you do not know that shopolumakeovers has rebranded and is now and now has a fully functional website that allows you to use your cards to pay online, create accounts, track your orders, create wishlist and so much more. you are on a what......on a keke!!! Ha!, please go check it out

Announcement2: I said sometime ago, that I was going to start a series for makeup artists who are just getting in the game, as well as already working makeup artist (you can never know too much, or everything). So the first post will be up next week (hopefully). and it is loaded with what, the very best of experienced makeup artists! Expect contributions from Yemisi of Nsure beauty studio, Chika of Lights n cheeks, Osamu of Beautymatterz, Dolapo of belezza faces and so much more! So you dont want to miss what these people have to say. They will be talking about things they wish they knew when they started out!!! So check back or subscribe so you get instant notification when the post goes up live!! you can also follow this blog on twitter and instagram @olumakeovers for behinfd the scenes action!!

Thank you guys so much for reading and i hope you liked today's look!
So who's gonna try it out???


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  1. Oh wow, I love the glitters; now I know what mine would look like when I try it out.

  2. Soooo beautiful luv d lippe nd cnt wait 4 d upcomin makeup artist segement,keepin my fingers crossed

  3. This has to be ur best look ever. I love it!

  4. Always looking good , its your thing , go girl !

  5. Salewa,u re sooo beautiful,ur makeup is STUNNING,pls do you have the mehron glitters for sale.

  6. I luv dis look so much. ....ur best luk so far#kisses#

  7. U are always on point.... eyes like candy or So is my best look tho, but this look! Hits the roof pass am sef... I love the lip color... So adorable

  8. Wow!this is extra extra extra ordinarily beautiful! This is one of your best looks so far.your hair,your eyes,your lips,your highlights,everything is just so perfect.salewa pls always take your time to give us more of this mind blowing makeup looks,I'm inspired!your look depicts class!thumbs up!

  9. donasperfection18 March, 2014

    Beautiful.olumakeover rocks

  10. ww thank you everyone!! head bursting like blom blom lol!

  11. You look so pretty its not even funny!!! Gorgeousness!!!!!

  12. Breathtaking Olu,u b fine gurl o.U beta add modelling to ur already voluminous title.we'll don babes

  13. I really do not know how I missed this post.I am seeing it almost a month after it was posted.
    Lovely as ever,I love the eye makeup and vibrant lips.I am definitely going to try out this look.
    Thumbs up comrade.


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