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Hello people, how is it going? 
I am very excited for todays's posts as I am with posts about products that WORK!!! 
(and no it is not makeup, surprise!) 

You know how i like indigenous brands, it just fills me with so much joy when a Nigerian brand surpasses all expectations and even more! And i love to review them.

You also know how you swore you'd never give your weaves to hair stylists to wash because your former Peruvian weave just magically turned into goat hair after they washed it? Yes i have been there before, and it is why I'd like to introduce this brand to you guys....

I met the owners of this brand at the Beauty Fair organized by Pops Concept last year, while I was buying from their stand. The obvious passion they had for the hair products was one of the reasons i got the products. I was like " on top all this mouth, this tin must work" and it DID! x_x

Ok here's what the company has to say:

At HAIRVEN, we pride ourselves with manufacturing products that meet the after care needs of clients from different walks of life. We have carefully designed our range of products to add moisture, shine and bounce to your human hair extensions while ensuring zero breakage and shedding of your natural hair. We believe that EVERY woman can have beautiful and healthy hair, whether you’re rocking your natural locks or styling your relaxed hair with hair extensions. HAIRVEN hair care products are paving the way to beautiful hair with our recommended hair regimens created to ensure healthy haired clients.
So what are you waiting for? Join the HAIRVOLUTION.  Say NO to dry,  tangled and damaged hair. Say YES TO Softer, Silkier and Lustrous hair.


We believe the beauty of a woman lies in her hair. Hence, our mission is to build the pride and self-confidence of every woman through the provision of the best quality hair care products that are carefully designed to bring out individuality and natural beauty at affordable prices.


Quality products.


Product Development.
Affordable pricing.


To be the leading African brand in Quality

and Affordable hair-care products.

Do I think this is true? YES! the products do what they say, their prices are affordable! Ok let's get to the review of the products I bought:

Moisturize and Soften Shampoo

What They Say: 

"This shampoo is a conditioning, revitalizing and cleansing shampoo that infuses life into fine or limp hair. It is especially formulated to purify hair extensions while giving it body and shine" 

What i think:
It really softens. I tried this product on my DEAD weave ( like I wouldn't try something i had not heard of before on something new), i call it dead because I have been using this weave for about 5 years, and it just didn't look healthy anymore. So I washed it with this product. Even before putting in the conditioner, I could feel the softness in  my weave. Unlike some shampoos it didn't leave it hard and stringy. So is this really a Moisturizing and Softening shampoo? you bet! 
PRICE: N1500

Moisturize and Soften Conditioner

What they say: 
This conditioner is good adjustable conditioning for all human hair extension types with silk protein & natural botanical extracts.
Dry damaged and chemically treated hair extensions benefits from treatment with protein and amino acids that can penetrate and rebuild damaged hair due to differing molecular weights.

What I think: 
I LOOOOVE this product especially! Bomb! Bomb! All I can say is Sooooooffffftttt and Fragrance!  It just brought my dead weave back to life because it made it Sooofft and smooth, absolutely detangledit and  made it shiny. Yes it made it shiny. Imagine after washing a dry and damaged hair and u see the result is soft, smooth and shiny?! And the fragrance is what I love best about this product. It smells like....urm vanilla? roses? ermm I don't know...but it smells REALLY GOOD!
PRICE : 1500

I also use this conditioner to condition my makeup brushes after washing them. Multipurpose!

Packaging is sleek, with how to instructions on the label...

other products in their line

PRICE : 1600
leave in conditioner

PRICE: 1400
My friend got the Leave in conditioner and I requested for her feedback. She told me that it really did work in detangling and moisturizing her weave! 

I like these products
They actually work
Their fragrance is to die for
Packaging is sleek and pretty
It is a Nigerian brand! 

Do i recommend this? My sisters (and maybe brothers) if you have weaves you cherish, old ,new, dead, alive, and you want to save money from washing at salons (not to talk of how they use those green and orange colored shampoos you never know their brand names?) you should definitely try this out. Definitely! 

You can get these products on and there is a 10% off valentine season discount! 

Aaannnddd GUESS WHAT?? Hairven is sponsoring a giveaway on this blog for this valentine season. the post should be up tomorrow, so check back. fabulous prizes such as goody bags containing the products, vip/star treatment at their exquisite studio and much more. You do not want to miss it! CHECK BACK! 

For more about the brand

Hairven Corporate Office
54 Ogudu Road,
Ogudu, Lagos
Phone : +2347063443434        +2348067127213

Follow us on Twitter :   @hairvenhairpro

Find us on Facebook :   Hairven Hair Products

Instagram: hairven_haircare

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  1. Yayyyy they are gorgeous... just looking At the packaging alone,I can't wait to try them..u are doing a good job shalewa

  2. Can't wait to try this out as I've always been washing my hair myself. +1 to Nigerian women in business. And their website is yummy

  3. I will definitely try it out. But where can I get it in Abuja?

    1. Hello, for now you can get it on, they deliver to Abuja and every other place in Nigeria!

  4. This really looks nice would love to try it out on my weaves and yea let's say no to the yellow/orange looking shampz n all..Thanks Olumakeovers for always hooking us up with beautiful products **mwah

  5. So,i got the shampoo and the conditioner and like Shalewa said,its really good. No regrets at all..............and it smells nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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