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Hello guys! How's it going?

 Today I'll be talking about yet another Indigenous makeup brand that we have all come to know. Honestly if you do not know TARA just slowly and gently remove that rock you have been sleeping under!
Anyway the truth is, I never cared much about Tara's product. From the eyeshadow fallouts to the not just flattering lipgloss, and then the packaging urgh! Infact people used to ask me why I never used to use Tara products as I attended the makeup school...Also sometimes their sales rep try to convince  me about the product, and I have that "look you are preaching to the choir, as one of the earliest set at the Tara school we used these products and even tested some of them before they went into production, so I know" LOL. Apparently I was living in the past and I didn't know how awesome some of their new products are. Take for example, the Eyeshadow base, I bought the silver packaging one day, I went to play at the Lekki studio, I haven't found any other base far better. Even NYX jumbo pencil in milk CANNOT stand near this eyeshadow base. Dem no be mates!

Anyway anyway, I heard through the grapevine that the new products are the bidness! I also read on blogs that the products had improved and surpassed expectation, so I did what? I hopped on it. I mean look at the shades of those lipsticks, who wouldn't?

So these are a few products I got ( trust them to be lip products)

These are called the MATTE LIPCOLOR. As far as packaging goes, I think these lippies are a makeup artist dream! Why?? It doesn't take space!! YOu would fit in 5 of these lippies into where would originally  take maybe 3 MAC lippies. That I absolutely love!
Great texture as these are not drying mattes! Infact not all the shades are matte, some have satin finishes. Texture wise, I loove it! and Pigmentation wise, these are really good. Thumbs up to the TARA team!
Check out the shades and swatches


This shade is a whitish coral shade, that can be used as a highlighter when doing ombre lips. Infact, except it is an editorial shoot I don't see how any body can rock this alone, so I did a swatch to show how I would wear it.

I picked out my favourite colors out of the 18 shades or so, that they have. They also have a beautiful red called Jemila, but I said to myself enough of all the reds!!

The new lip pencils are FAB-uuuL-LOUS! They are pigmented and they apply smoothly!



The high shine lip stains are also pigmented and are thick. As you all know I"m not a fan of lip gloss, so well... but I chose to include this in the review because they are actually very pigmented. And also I like the formular


There are other products in this their new black package, like Blushes, Eyeshadow palettes, their popular trio eyeshadow, and I think one of their best products, their eyebrow pencils! I love those!

In conclusion, this a VERY welcome rebranding, I like how they stepped up their game to compete with the new emerging brands, I mean they have been here for so long, It is only natural that people might get tired and hop on to new brands, but with these new hot shades, they are back with a what?? A BANG!! I AM VERY IMPRESSED! (though they still need to work on their eyeshadow palettes, surprisingly their trio eyeshadows are great!! why can't they use the same formula?? urgh!)
Kudos to the Tara team!!

You can get these products at the online store! ( no we don't carry last!) CLICK HERE

So what do you guys think? Has anyone tried out products from this new packaging? what are your Tara favs and not so favs?! Use the comment box, you might be helping someone! ( and oh before I forget their Powder palette is FAB, I have used it a couple of times, out of someone else's kit, but I haven't bought mine yet..I don't know why!) Sooooo let's share!!

Till later my beauties!

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  1. Celebrating our OWN!!
    The HOT Liquid foundation is GREAT, the shade and coverage is awesome too.
    I'll love to try out the eyeshadow base and Lipsticks:)
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. I use their foundation n i rly like it its nt as oily as mary kay

  3. No wonder you didn't buy anything that day you already hauled!!!!


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