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Hello guys! How is the new week going?

I was invited to the HOUSE OF TARA new studio launch at the Centro mall in Lekki. 
As you may have gathered, I don't attend makeup events much, I tend to shy away because I'm a typical indoor person, it takes a lot for me to baff, dress up and go out! 

Anyway, I wanted to attend this, because I had heard and seen pictures of the new studio. So I wanted to go feed my eyes. Surprisingly it was smaller than what I had anticipated, I don't know where I got the idea that the studio was large and grand! lol!

But size asides, the studio looked good, products were well arranged, and overall the ambience was nothing short of a well placed, quality studio. Check out the pics..

Oh and yes, they also launched new products like their HD matte foundation. I have heard reviews, and I have personally seen it on someone who wore it for a long time, and all I can say, I WILL try it! and i'll get back to you! MOre new products like eyebrow fillers, contour kits etc etc..Yes TARA has stepped up her game, and I am soo inspired!

OK so onto the launch parrrry itself 

Orange carpet tinzzz! (lol please forgive me!)


One of the highligths of the evening for me was meeting fellow makeup artistes and bloggers, it is always nice to put a personality behind the pictures

Precious of dazzlebeautie! Check out that baddyy! It was so lovely finally meeting her!

Ngozi of JagaBeauty! I hadn't seen her in a while, funny thing is we learned together at Tara wayy back! And let me tell you now, her brows have always been on point, even back then when we didn't use to use concealer to paint! 
That igbochick! If you do not know her blog, bia!! where have you been?!!

Stella of stella's addiction! This is awa big sistur in the blogging world, I have known and been reading her blog for a very long time! Her blog was one of the few that inspired me to start mine!


And on the left is me! :D

And there was this evil fan blowing out everybody's weaves. If one went there with dripping wet hair, the hair would have dried and set itself under 20 minutes. Who needs a drier!! And I just wanna thank God that this fan did not open my nyash to the world. It could have blown my wig off! If that had happened, I would have just pretended to faint, so people would start fanning me, and they would have rushed me out, at least they wouldn't have remembered the flying wig!

Oh and BEZ was there to serenade the crowd! 

 And my beauriiful handbag for the day...thank you for not putting me in a position where I'd have sat down alone and chewed my mouth to Bez songs seeing as I know only one! Daalu :*

Thank you guys for reading as always!!!
have a great ahead! 

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  1. Oh you are funny, it looked like fun. Need to get me some Tara, i'm loving what i see.

  2. You Look Beauriful....Very soon i'll also be behind your Camera*winks*
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  3. Was so lovely meeting you too dear. Lovely pictures and I was laughing at this pist again. U r so hilarious

  4. biko where is the goodie bag you were given?

    1. lool for where? no goody bag o!

  5. this is really mind blowing.... need to get some of tara's stuffs

  6. Lol. I enjoyed reading this post. And it was neat meeting you. Signed: the camera woman beside beside Ngozy. Heheh.


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