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Hello ladies! TGIF! 
Today's post is a makeup look I did a few weeks ago...Different shades of greens with a pruple and plum shade to smoke it out
I used the MAC Relentessly Red I reviewed in some posts back, if you didnt read the review..check here..


Zaron Face Primer
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Mocha
Ben Nye Powder in Ebony for the whole face
Iman Oil blotting powder in medium for the undereye
Mac Blush in Frankly Scarlet
Black Opal Blush in my Valentine
Zaron Eyebrow definer for brows and cheeks
Milani Golden Stripes bronzer for bridge of nose


Eyecolors from Shany Bright and bold 120 palette
Creme Eyelashes in 747l
Milani Liquid precise eyeliner
Davis Jumbo pencil for under eye color, set with a teal eyeshadow
Artistic Gold Glitter for inner tear duct of the eye


MAC Relentlessly Red Matte Lipstick
Black Opal Lip pencil in Scarlet.

That's it guys! Some of these products are availble at the online store, from the Zaron face primer, Revlon colorstay to the Mac lipstick etc

Thank you guys for stopping by! 
Hope you have a great weekend ahead! 

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  1. Ohhhhhh Salewa, Your gifted.
    This is ssssssoo Lovely
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. Salewa you are too much,eyebrow definer on cheeks and looking so good.....God bless your hustle oo!!!!!

  3. Wow, that is such an exotic look! Makes me think of those birds of paradise and their colourful feathers!

    1. aha!! I knew I missed something when I was naming this post! Should have thought of that!! *hits head on wall* thanks for reading as always x

  4. Salewa nice blog,but u really need to improve on u replyin ur followers comment,for u to put up a post u shld be expecting comments from ur followers..ur followers make comment even some will even go as far as seekin for ur advice on some makeup products u ll just keep mute..dats so so unfair to us ur followers pls try and create time to reply ur follower if u can create time out of ur busy schedule to put up a post also create dat time to reply....

    1. Hello. I normally even wouldn't be defensive in my reply to this, but i'd have to say that maybe you are new to this blog, as my blog followers know that I try my best to reply to comments. Comments don't come immediately after I post, some even come weeks after, and I must have moved on from that post. If you need any pressing answers, you can send a mail to me, which I always tell my readers. And also, I cannot possibly reply all comments.
      Thanks for reading x

  5. Hmmmm I pray u reply mine,pls I want to order for Revlon colourstay and Revlon photoready fondation but I dnt know my shade pls can u help me out I use Marykay Timewise(bronze 3) foundation....thanks

    1. Hello please send a mail to

  6. You just inspire me, salewa!

  7. Anonymous22 June, 2014

    Wow! Visiting for the first time... You are a beautiful example of a strong and gracious woman. Also: way to go on handeling those negative comments, very classy. Your looks are gorgeous, original, creative and inspiring. Love from Holland!


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