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Hello ladies, (and maybe guys..yes some of you are here, don't deny!)
 How's the week going?! 
Before I talk about today's post let me just say that, the Smoke It Up Competition will be HOTTTT! I have recieved amazing amazing looks from you guys, and mehn.. if you are still waiting to submit your entry, DO SO NOW! because the closing dates might be earlier than expected because of the number of entries so far. And yes! bring your A-game. GIRLS are not joking! 

Let me also mention that the winner and runner up will get their looks featured on the NEW online store that we are building (did i mention that we are rebranding? new name, pay online, free shipping, sales of hair etc?) and will also get free in store credit? ok now I have said it! in the famous words of WizKid, "my sister, dont dull"  Enter HERE

On to today's post! 

I am reviewing the 10 PC Mineral Bdellium brush set i just got about 2 months ago or so. I cant count the number of brushes I have, so you would think I would stop buying. When i wanted to purchase this, I was a bit skeptical, but because I already had some good bdellium brushes, it was much more easy to makeup my mind. When I finally received and tested them, I went on my knees and formed some "thank you God" hymns. ( if you know me, then you'll know that I am THAT dramatic, and I form my own songs all the!) 
One thing about this brush set is that, it contains brushes you actually NEED as a makeup artist or as a girl that wants to look good. No rubbish mascara wand that you might already have, no yeye sponge tip applicator that is of no use...

Bdellium brushes boast of antibacterial properties that keep your brushes free of germs even after several washes. Their brushes are a mix of hair and synthetic bristles.
Ok let me tell you what this brush set contains..


This is a blusher brush..the brush is rounded enough to apply blush to the apple of the cheeks and also precise enough to do a subtle contour. 

The hairs are also soft and not scatchy


This is my favourite of all the brushes.They call this precision cheek brush, but please oh please I beg to differ! This is one of the best finishing Kabuki's I have used. It applies both liquid and cream foundation like a dream, buff is powder seamlessly and still applies bronzer and blush to that perfect finish. I'd go on and on but I guess you guys have work to do..hehe!

The right amount of dense, the hairs a EVENLY cut for that ultimate flat top experience! Love love this stuff!


This is the stipple brush. This also is a fine brush! it is stiff enough to stipple ( unlike some stipple brushes that cannot even stand against the skin, bendy bendy bristles) and still soft enough to blend. 


Another favourite of mine. This is a s direct to the point as possible. It is a contour brush, and it fits PERFECTLY into the hollows of the cheekbones of every client I have used it on for contouring and even blushing.
Because It is small and precise, I also use this to blend under eye concealer and it does a fab job!

This is another contour brush. I generally do not like white bristles on my brushes.. why? it is a no brainer. they are not easy to clean. So I rarely use this, and that is because I have other options. when I do use it though, I clean it immediately even on set, with a brush cleaner before I get home to wash the brushes. that is why it is still looking shine shine like this.

Asides from the color, it is a good brush and it contours well. Also contours the nose well and the temples of th head, if you know what you are doing!

                                        776 & 775 BLENDING AND SMALL ANGLE SHADER

Not much to say about this, asides from the fact that it has become one of my most used blending brushes. Infact I have 2 of this and the second one is already almost brown, lol

It is good for applying transition color especially on small eyelids, because it gets the coor exactl where you want it. Very precise. 

The angled shader brush is really good for creating and blending outer Vs. After using a small contour brush to apply contour color, this can be used to blend out the outer corner of the eye.


This is a crease blush for applying colors in the crease to create depth. This brush can also blend concealer around the eyebrows to remove that ojuju look!


THE PRECISE CUT ON THIS BRUSH IS WHAT GETS ME! this is supposed to be an eye brush, but I use mine to apply contour on the bridge of the nose most times. If you know/like the ELF eye blending brush, then think of this one with a precise angle cut! 


You know how i said the kabuki is my favourite out of the bunch, ok this is my 2nd favourite. I'm sure you are thinking this small kenkele brush

Well I use this tiny brush to place highlight underneath my brow, it is very precise, i use this tiny brush to place color in the inner color of my eye, I us this tiny brush to line my waterline with different colors, smudge it and the blend it! I also us this tiny brush to contour the nose if I want a highly defined contour look! so yeah, I love it!


when i wanted to buy this I didnt think so much about this. But I should have because I was actually in need of a roll up pouch. My Tara Orekelewa brush pouch that I have been using for over 6 years had started to give way. I was  kind of disappointed when I got this because it wouldn't contain all my brushes BUT I HAD TO DO SOMETHING! so i used a razor blade to cut out the little pockets by the side into 2 big giant pockets. So these pockets contain my real techniques core collection, my ecotools kabuki set, all my individual kabuki, my royal care kabuki set...lets just say this pouch carries A LOT
if you can be creative! This just further confirmed the saying äll things are possible!"lool

ALL IN ALL, this brush set was worth the money I spent on it, it cost me about 60 pounds, and I had to reorder for sale. This set costs N16,000 at the online store ( oya carry your calculator and convert it..lool!), and also the individual Kabuki and blending bruses are also available! You can place your order HERE

I'll also give you the gist of the launching of the new beauty store, we have partnered with companies like DHL and Interswich,  to make life easier and cut shipping costs!! There will also be freebies for our first *** customers, we haven't decided yet! We are also expanding toaccomodate weaves, hair care products etc.. so you can get ALL you need at once! make sure you go to the existing onlin store and sign up for newsletters o you'll be the first to hear about it!

That's it guys!  Thanks for reading as always

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  1. Haaaa,omoshalewa,u keep bursting my brains everytime,I was practically shaking with excitment reading this post,ve been really skeptical about the bdellium tools cos I ve so many brushes already,but reading this post,m running to the online store to get mine,thank you,thank you,thank you,I can't thank you enough 4 this post,pls o don't close the giveaway yet,plllss, a sister wants to participate too.

  2. just another makeup lover27 January, 2014

    Your reviews are always in depth. God bless you for this. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you snatch best beauty blog this year.


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