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Hi girls! kilon pop?

What is popping with is this new MAC lippie I just added to my lipstick collection.
So I was looking for another type of red, that wasn't bluish or orangey. so i  came across this shade  RELENTLESSLY RED on their website and decided to go check on the web for a proper swatch. My go to site for swatches of Mac Lipsticks is . No doubt!

I liked what I saw and I got it! Let's just say I wasn't disappointed seeing as the shade was just what I was looking for! You just gats give it to MAC when it comes to lipstick shades!

 This is a RETRO MATTE lipstick, just like MAC RUBY WOO. It is a red shade with a bright pink tone. You look at it, it looks red, then you look again, it looks pink. Ok look at it this way. Red and Pink lipstick have been banned in Nigeria, but then you go ahead and use this one since it is in between. Then you jam LASTMA on the road....."REVISE!! PULL OVER!! that is what you will hear!!! because the truth is I don't know where this lipstick falls, if it is pink or if it is red. All I can say is that MAC did a great job doing this shade.

Shade asides, it is well pigmented and really matte, ruby woo matte. And I must have said it a thousand times that I am not a Ruby Woo fan because of its dryness, due to my overdried, chapped lips. No no my lips are the driest in this world, just believe it and don't ask me if I have checked people's  lips in  to
But for this lipstick I really try to go an extra mile, scrubbing and moisturizing right before I use it etc
But that only lasts me a couple of minutes, before the cracks start showing up. Yep it is that bad.

In conclusion
  •  the shade is a STUNNER
  • it is well pigmented
  • it goes on smoothly enough for moisturised lips
  • It is LONG LASTING!!
  • It is matte and dry, Can seep into cracks and lines easily.
So if you are a lover of matte lipsticks or maybe RUBYWOO, this is an awesome lipstick to have! chances are, if you do not have this lipstick, you have never come across this shade before!
They say if you love something, let it go...NA LIE!! If you love something, hold on to exactly what i am doing with this lippie, I love it, and I'm holding on to it because I know one day one day, this lip situation will be solved! Amen somebody?!!! haha! 
Oh and I already did a makeup look with this lipstick for guys, so check  back so you don't miss it! 

You can check out this lipstick at the MAC stores in Ikeja Mall and The Palms for those in Lagos, or any other MAC vendor. This lipstick will be in stock at the online store when we finally relaunch!

The giveaway competition is still on. click HERE for details

Till later beauties! 

Your Comrade in Beauty,

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