10:26 pm

I know I am late!! forgive me!! forgive me!!
How are we all doing?? and how is the year treating us?

I just want to use this opportunity to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to my beautiful beautiful beautiful readers!! You guys probably do not know the number of times, I have said, "im nor more doing jor" and a mail will come in saying "I've missed your funny posts, hope you are ok?
LISTEN!! You guys are the bomb, and I lurrrrrr ya!!

This blog turned ONE earlier this month, wanted to do a post on it, but things didn't just go as planned! But yeah I'll be having a give away to celebrate this ( I mean over a 120,000 views!!).

So here's to 2014!! I hope to be better at this blogging thing,spread my wings, and have more content! With your follower-ship, readership and participation we are going to have a blast in 2014!! Whenever I go a week- 10 days without posting, give a nudge by sending me a mail! That will make me sit up!! Once again thank you guys! 

Ok on to today's makeup look...

I paired a kind of  bronzy eyecolor with a dark plumish lip color. I have using more and more of these lip colors of late, and i know I am going to switch to MAC's CYBER as my everyday color, very soon!

I didnt want a matte look at all, so I went bronzer crazy, though in a shade really close to my natural colour, and then I used a dewy setting spray as opposed to a matte setting spray! More pictures...


Fashion Fair Creme to Powder in Pure Brown
Ben Nye Translucent powder in Ebony
MAC Studio Scuplt concealer in NC 50 for eyebrows
Milani sunset stripes mineral bronzer
MAC blush in Frankly Scarlet
Zaron Eyebrow Definer for eyebrows and contour

W7 eyelid primer
Sleek Eyeshadow palette in Storm and Curacao
Zaron Intense Liquid liner
Zaron Arabian Knight Kajal
Ardell Lashes in 105

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Plum


Remember to check back for the giveaway post later in the week, also i have a brush review also coming up later in the week.

Give them good face!!

Your Comrade in Beauty,


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  1. Shalewa! Finally.I can't remember the number of times I checked your blog for new post*sadface* But you are forgiven.You look beautiful as always. **Teeh**

  2. Beautiful, i love the lip color.Happy new Year.

  3. Aha! A post at last! love love this look, it looks simple yet sophisticated! You always bring it! Don't stop posting o. Love always xx

  4. Lovely post dear,happy new u can actually use Zaron eyebrow definer for contour too neva knew(covering face)..nice hair too

  5. Hpy nw year dear, u r forgiven. Dt wuz a nice post n u luk beautiful. *runs off to try it out d look*

  6. Happy new year, pls wats d name of the setting spray u used. Lovely post.

  7. Oh olu! I just love yew! You are such an inspiration to my brand.
    Thank you!
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Nice one u got , u re on top of ur game


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