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Hello bellas! How’s it hanging?

So I have been talking about a giveaway since last year, but here it is FINALLY! This is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of this blog! Sometimes I look back and it feels like I have been doing this for 5 years! Other times, I do some things and I go “no wonder, you are still a baby blogger” lool. But it has been fun, and interesting all the way!! And I love and appreciate you guys soooo much, even more than lipstick! Ha!
So the giveaway has been divided into two, i.e there will be TWO giveaways! Did somebody say hallelujah?! Well I've always wanted to do another competition after the EYEBROW COMPETITION but never had the time to organise it, so i thought this would be a perfect opportunity. And then I also thought, I might have diligent readers, that might be toooo shy to participate in the competition! Should they be left out? N to the O! So there’s another giveaway for those shy people!
So here goes...



The theme of the competition is ‘SMOKE IT UP”.  You have to create a full makeup look , that falls under this theme (or what you understand by this theme; makeup is ART not science; be free, be creative). The look should include well done eyebrows, well done eye makeup, well done lip makeup  and  well done face makeup, in other words, A complete look...


This box includes:
·         MAC LIPSTICK

Send in a total of 4 pictures (to One full face with eyes open, One full face with eyes closed, and 2 closeup pictures  of the eyes and lips. #nofilter! 
Send it along With your full name, a little lines about the look, why you this blog, and what you'll like to see in 2014. ( voters like to know a little about the person behind the pictures!)  Make the email subject “smoke it up competition”

·         Pictures must be clear, and 4 in total
·     You MUST be subscribed to this blog, you can subscribe HERE
·         You MUST be following this blog on at least one social media:FACEBOOKTWITTERINSTAGRAMBLOGLOVIN’ (click on each to follow)
·         You must send your entry before JANUARY 31ST 2014. (Please use your email with which you subscribed to send your entry)



ELF blending brush
ELF angled bronzing brush
CREME Human hair eyelashes
Zaron Duo Eyeshadow

You MUST be subscribed to this blog: you can subscribe here
·         Leave a comment in the comment box below with your NAME,  saying what you like about this blog, and what you want to see in 2014
·         You MUST be subscribed to this blog, you can subscribe HERE
·         You MUST be following this blog on at least one social media:FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, BLOGLOVIN’ (click on each to follow)
·         Send an email to with your name and social media profile names, you followed the blog with! (please make sure you use the email with which you subscribed to the blog)
·         You must send your entry before JANUARY 31ST 2014.

So that's it guys! Remember as with the earlier eyebrow competition we had, contestants must be at least 4 in number before this can roll, anything short of that, would have to be cancelled. You also cannot enter for the two, you have to choose one! If you send in a mail, and do not get a reply within two days, contact me via twitter or instagram letting me know, so I can check my spam mail!

I am excited!! are you??!!
Goodluck guys!!

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  1. Hellloooo!!!
    I loveeee lovee your blog! I follow it on all social media(facebook,twitter and bloglovin) except instagram cause I don't have one.. what I love most about your blog is the inspiration it gives me right after a tutorial, it also helps with my makeup shopping, making it easier!! And most of all how well detailed they always are!!! <3 I hope for more frequent post!! And I just emailed you ( I hope I win!! :d cheers xxxx

  2. Hey, my name is Deborah...I love different makeup looks u come up with and also d tutorials dt follow. I wld rily love 2 see more of dat dis year... I sent a mail

  3. Swty,shalewa!
    Hmmmm! Indeed no doubt, I love and follow your blog,twitter,fb page,bloglovin, aint on Ig for now. You pay so much attention to every tutorial u post, giving detailed information about every piece, u don't hoard info bt spread it for ur readers understanding, u reply to questions humblythat are being asked. Ur blog is a source of inspiration and it also helps to build self confidence in what one is capable of doing, it helps to discover one's makeup strenght and work on d weakness. Its also gives awareness to new products, pros and cons, usage,where to purchase etc. My reasons are so unlimited,Its a one stop blog! In 2014, I looking forward to u giving us more info,happenings and trends in the Makeup industry..we love and apprecitae what u do! Keep Keeping it Real! Cheers!

  4. erere etugbo17 January, 2014

    Hi, am Erere 4rm ph, I love dis blog so much, I've learnt hw 2 do my personal makeova with little or no stress expecially my eyebrow. In 2014 I wuld love 2 c mor of ur tutorials in video form. Thanks

  5. eniola abiola17 January, 2014

    Hi,since I started reading your blog,mr take on make up has changed a whole lot,all thanks to you.I wish you would post more often this new year tho,and it wld be nice if you could start doing you tube videos.Cheers!!!!

  6. I'm Oguleye Iwalewa. This is going 2 be an honest opinion,no flattery- this is the best,most educative blog I have ever visited! I love the flow of knowledge,you write in the common language without "big big" grammar making it so interesting and fun. I love the DIYs, I love that u go 2 d basics teaching "otondos" like us makeup from d scratch. I also love looking at d pictures they are clear and this site is easy 2 navigate.
    For 2014, I would love 2 see more of the DIYs, also a fashion(makeup) police can be set up 2 show d dos and donts in makeup. Lastly, 2 make shopping easier, d products can be grouped indifferent categories, E.g for "Face" products like d powder,foundation e.t.c can come here so a customer don't have 2 go down all d way or as an alternative, a "Search" button can be added. Once again I loveeee this blog! Kudos 2 u and hope I win...*winks*

  7. Jst submitted my entry,following u on social networks already.

  8. I'm Shante George and I love your blog cos of all the makeup infos u give and the fact you enjoy sharing your talents with us. I'd like to see more DIYs this 2014 and also alternatives for expensive products we can use to achieve your kind of flawless look.

  9. I Love your Smiles and every Post you out up is educative.
    I'll love to see More Show of your Talent on Other Shades of skin, Bridal looks, Simple Nude Look with cheaper Beauty Products that is Budget Friendly.

  10. Hello. I'm Ody. Happy Newyear. I rly love your blog. I've gained so much from it especially the fact that I got to know bout so much makeup brands I didn't knw was good or even existed. I also love your DIY eyeshadow tutorials. I would love you to do more on face contouring,highliting and also your foundation application tutorials especially putting up video tutorials. That would really make me happy!! Keep up the Good work dear!

  11. Hi,I love ur regular update and I would love to see more of how to get natural flawless makeup look..

  12. I love d fact that u r patient enough 2 go through details step by step. U take your time 2 reply emails n I've really learnt a lot.I'll love to see more tutorials cos I'm never satisfied name is ESther


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