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Hello my beautiful people! 
Xmas is drawing so near it is unbelievable!!
Anyway, here is another post/look under THE RED XMAS SERIES!
It is titled half moon, because I decided to do an exaggerated cut crease to sort of reduce the size of my eyelid into half! Yep! something different!

Then I decided to do an ombre lip, and switch up the red lipstick. Love how it came out!


Sleek Eye Dust- Black
Zaron Black Velvet Pencil
Zaron z35 pressed powder
Silvery eyeshadow from Sleek curacao palette
Davis Jumbo pencil in white
Chinese brand lashes

Black Opal precision lip pencil in Scarlet
MAC vegas volt lipstick
Revlon Matte lipstick in Naked


Mary Kay Foundation 708
Milani Face Powder in Amber
MAC blush in Frankly Scarlet
Milani Duo Bronzer in Sunset

That's it Guys!
I'll have a tutorial up, to start the next week! Make sure you check back, if you are interested! You just might learn something new!

Thank you guys for reading as always!

Your Comrade in Beauty,


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  1. Love ur look........kip up d gud work

  2. Love what you did to your lips! The whole look is just amazing!!

  3. Wow...I have really learnt a lot from your blog...keep up the good work hun, God bless u plenny...I've been trying to do this contour/highlight (I hope that's the corrct name) that Tiwa always does but the results have been disastrous don't think you've done a post on that....pls helep a is it done

  4. Ohh geez!...
    I'm jes lovin u more
    Great job olu, I'm lookin up 2 yew!


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