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Hello lovies! how's the week going?!
Today I am reviewing one of Zaron newest products, their long awaited face primer. I wont be talking plenty, just straight to the point

The Zaron face primer is said to "refine skin's texture for a flawless velvety finish, help to reduce the look of pores and lines instantly, extend foundation wear"

It comes with a nice pump which makes application easier. About 2 reasonably pressed sized pumps should cover a full face.

The primer itself looks like this, a clear , thick blobby paste. it is thick enough so it doesn't run. It applies smoothly, and you can feel the smoothness of the area of you have applied it to, instantly. I don't have large pores or deep lines, so I don't know if it really does fill in lines. But because of its texture(very similar to my fav Jay Manuel silicone override) I am betting it would.

Texture wise, it goes on smoothly and really makes the skin feel velvety. Laying a good foundation over this is a dream! It is colorless and oil free and can go with most skin tones.
Packaging wise, I think it is sleek. As for the pump, Zaron has to do better because if you pull the cover out, the whole pump pulls out with it.They need to make it sturdier.
For longevity, I think as with any other good primer, it extends foundation wear
Price wise, I think we already know Zaron gives us world class products at very affordable rate. This product sells for about N3000. and for 40ml, that is soooo cheap!!

CONCLUSION: This is another fantastic product from Zaron. I you have been looking for an oil free primer, to keep your makeup on longer, matte and fresh, and also reasonably priced, and easily accessible, then ZARON FACE PRIMER is for you!

RATING: 4 stars/5

WHERE TO BUY: This product is limited in stock for now, but you can buy at

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Ive got another Xmas Red Series post coming up before the end of this week, so stay tuned! 

Thank you guys for reading as always!!

Your Comrade in Beauty,


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  1. Hello Shalewa,did u mean 4th or 14th of December?

    1. I think she meant 14th, it's on the graphic too.
      !4 is an error.
      Right Shally?

  2. About the primer, d first day I applied it on d back of my palm it felt very greasy. Dnt knw if dat is hw it shld feel, was d case different with u?

  3. How long does d primer last before ones face starts getting oily

  4. How long does d primer last before ones face starts getting oily

  5. Tnx just needed dis review

  6. I am very disappointed with this primer. I was told my face is oily just 3 hours after I used it and my mac powder. I bought it 3100


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