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Hello guys!
Somehow somehow, I haven't been sharing jobs done on this blog, which I promised i'd be doing from the outset. I mostly post pictures on my instagram page, because it is faster! I promise to rectify that!
So today I'm sharing a bridal makeover I did some few weeks ago, the newly wed MRS PATTY IPOSU

She was quite calm and sweet and I enjoyed transforming her..I asked her what she wanted and she said " I want to look breathtaking"

When I finally gave her a mirror, she said "wow, I really do look breath taking, is this me?" , she said she was going to cry, we had to beg her not to.. that pretty much made my day... Enjoy the rest of the pictures..


And off she went to get hitched!
We wish you all the joy and happiness a blissful union brings! thanks for choosing OlúMakeovers

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Your Comrade in Beauty,


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  1. Wow at the transformation! Nice job. Love the brows. I'm getting married really soon, hope u won't be expensive. M sending u a mail now

  2. Do u sell revlon foundation

  3. Pls can you send me your number? I need to order some stuffs from ur site pls and network wouldn't permit. Send to thanks

  4. Plsssssss ooooooo. If those things should pass me by ehn... I'll not forgive you for you

  5. D makeup is nice bt d eyeshadow is too high,no contour to define d eyes or highlighter close to d brow

  6. Please please how do you do your brows without the concealer showing? I Need to learn this! Pleeeease! Love it.

  7. Anony you be bad belle o!I think there is a better way u should av used to criticize ok.


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